Music Blog: Download Festival 2017

It’s been nearly two weeks since Download Festival 2017.… And I think it’s safe to say that the Download Blues has ruled my life ever since my return.
I suppose that’s a reason why this blog post has taken a little longer than usual to produce. I mean, usually my post-festival blog posts appear within hours of my return. This one though… I just had to soak in the memories for a little longer.

download festival 2017
It’s safe to say that Download Festival 2017 was one of the best yet.

The music
The weather
The people
It was all bloody brilliant.

I’ve rounded up a little mix of highlights in the YouTube video above. Painting my face like David Bowie was probably a little out of the box, alongside wearing my Joy Division hoodie all weekend – but Download is one of those places you can do what the fuck you want and nobody cares. Everyone is too busy being nice and having a good time,
I suppose the main aspect of Download Festival that makes it so friendly is the respect everyone has for each other.
No one acts like a dick and even if they do, it’s laughed off. No one pushes you in the crowd, no one walks in to you and the overall atmosphere is just great.

Thankfully this year it didn’t rain either. 

Which at first I was a bit annoyed about after being fully prepared for the festival and taking 4 raincoats. Whoops.
But really, who cares about unnecessary luggage when we avoided the mud-fest we experienced last year!
Strolling around the festival site was so much easier without wading through mud. But I didn’t take anything else to wear on my feet apart from wellies…. Note to self: Pack footwear for every weather condition for future festivals.

download festival 2017

Musical Highlights from Download 2017

The best band of the weekend for me, was by far Prophets of Rage.

Prophets of Rage are the rock-rap super-group, consisting of members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cyprus Hill. 
Performing every big hit from each of the aforementioned brands, it was a non-stop setlist of rock and rap bangers from start to finish.

Rob Zombie was another highlight from the weekend, with his psychedelic stage set-up and psychedelic silver flares. I’ve waited since The Matrix soundtrack  to hear Dragula live and my little mosher dreams were more than fulfilled,
Of course, it goes without saying that Aerosmith were the piece de la resistance of Download 2017.
As soon as they came on the stage (despite their dubious powerpoint-esque slideshow at the start) the entire atmosphere lifted even more than it had been all weekend.
It’s safe to say that even though Steven Tyler is 69yrs old(!) he can still perform in ways that put all those youngsters to shame. 
I’ve never been a massive, massive fan of Aerosmith, but it was one of those bands you just need to see live. Which is going to be increasingly impossible, as this is their last tour, ever.  And even more so if you were hoping to catch them in the UK – as Download was their last UK show.
“For us rockers in the Sixties and Seventies, Britain was where all this came from…It’s a dream come true out here, Donington.” – Steven Tyler, Download 2017.

So Download 2017 – it was a blast.
Same again next year?