Drink Blog: 3 Great Places for Gin Lovers

If you try and type ‘Gin’ in to your iPhone it autocorrects to ‘fun’ (well, it does on mine anyway) – and with good reason.
The drink that used to be deemed ‘mother’s ruin’ back in the day, Gin has had some kind of a resurrection over the last few months.

Why was Gin called Mother’s Ruin?

According to Urban Dictionary:


”Gin. Specifically, the alcohol beverage of Gin was called mother’s ruin because in the mid eighteenth century the effects of gin on the family and economy were disastrous. Considered the poor man’s drink due to its affordability, gin drinking had started out as medicine but due to its easy availability, men became impotent while women became sterile causing the London birth rate to decline drastically. Also, drinking a pint of gin and having an extremely hot bath was recommended as a way to induce a miscarriage (not contraception) in 1950s Britain”
In Newcastle Under Lyme alone (a very small town in Staffordshire), we’ve seen about 5 Gin Bars pop up lately. And there’s only something like 20 bars in the entire town in total!
So why has Gin made such a come back?
Well, for me it never went away.
When I was at uni my drink of choice was always Gin and Pink Lemonade. Which, by the way, is a great intro in to Gin drinking for those who claim to not like it yet.
If you have caught the gin-bug (more commonly known as a hangover), I’ve scouted out 3 must-visit places to get your next gin-hit.

Three Rivers Distillery, Manchester

I visited (and wrote a blog post about) the Three Rivers Distillery a few months ago.
Not only is Three Rivers Gin pretty damn tasty, with an excellent back story and narrative, but they also offer Gin Experiences.
In their very own on-site Gin School, you can create your very own A* gin creation to take home.
Not only that, but you will also learn about the history of the brand, loads of nerdy info about Manchester itself and have a tour of the Distillery to boot. It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth it if you’re a massive gin nerd.

Impossible Bar, Manchester

With the tagline ‘We love gin more than Kanye loves Kanye’ in block letter across the entrance, it’s pretty clear that the theme of this new addition to the Manchester bar circuit really likes gin…
Not only do they like gin, but they also like their weird shit too.
For example, from the food menu you can order Kangaroo Tacos and Alligator Burgers. I tried the kangaroo option, aptly named Skippy – it was good.
Here’s a picture:
kangaroo tacos impossible bar manchester
But I digress.
Back to the gin.
Upstairs in Impossible Bar, Manchester, there is the snuggly little Ginpossible bar. Which, as you guessed it, serves gin.
Not only do they have an abundance of gins to choose from (over 60 in total), which are surprisingly drinkable sans-mixer, but they also have frozen options too…
Yep, you can have your gin of choice instantly frozen and served in some kind of deconstructed cocktail format.
The waiters know their shit too, so if you’re unsure about gin and don’t know where to start, just tell them what flavours you like and they’ll recommend from memory – impressive.
Impossible also do regular cocktails and the like across the menus, so even if you’re not a gin lover it’s definitely worth a visit, if only for the food actually!

Gin Festival, Nationwide


Before I went to the Gin Festival in Stoke, I must admit, I wasn’t sold by the idea.
I mean, have you ever been a beer festival? If not, don’t bother, they’re boring.
A gin festival though? Good god.
Within an hour I was pretty uhm… ‘happy’ shall we say?
Not only do they have a variety of gins from around the world on the multiple bars, but they also have masterclasses and tasting sessions in other areas.
The Masterclasses tend to talk you through the history of the brand presenting and they explain the ‘perfect serve’ for their flavours. Followed by samples, of course.
You also get to take home your very own balloon glass (included in your entry fee) to enjoy a tipple or two at home as well.
Entry is only around £10 and you can see the upcoming locations by clicking here.

I’m sure there are many other places for gin lovers to visit, but these are three which I’d recommend… How about you? If you can’t make it out of the house to get your gin fix, why not head to dealsdaddy and browse some voucher codes and offers on your favourite tipple?