Food Blog: Discovering the Perfect Sickly Sweet Coffee

at home starbucks white chocolate mochaLately I have had such a sweet tooth. It’s very unlike me. Usually I opt for anything savoury… Crisps, nuts, crisps and more nuts are my snacks of choice and when it comes to drinks I favour water over juices.
Coffee seems to be the one thing that I do tend fluctuate with my sweetness preference though.
Sometimes I just crave a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha and sometimes I’m alright with a flat white.
But the white mocha days seem to be on the rise, which is why accidentally discovering a sickly sweet alternative at home couldn’t have come at a better time.

It started when I went sent a box of coffee from Rombouts. 

It contained a few different types of coffee, with not only the grounds for a cafetiere, but also handy one-cup filters which you literally just pour some water in.
This method instantly reminded me of the Vietnamese Coffee at Tampopo. This comes with a dollop of condensed milk in the bottom of the cup, and they pour filter coffee in the section they place on the top to filter in condensed milk below.

I bought a tin of condensed milk and off I went….

Let’s face it… I probably got the measurements I little bit off… And I ended up with probably 1/3 condensed milk to 2/3 coffee.

But you know what? It actually worked out well because it tasted just like a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks!

It’s probably just as unhealthy as the Starbucks version to be honest…

But it certainly is a little bit healthier on the pocket. A Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha can set you back up to £4 a throw.

Condensed milk? Less than a quid a tin!

You can also pick up the Rombouts One-Cup Coffee Filters for around £2.99 for 10. Which definitely works out a lot better on your purse.

I’m going to be doing a few more coffee experiments with the rest of my box of coffee wonderment.

Any suggestions for some quirky, delicious combos?