Music Blog: 5 Ways to Prepare for Leeds Festival 2017

Music Blog: 5 Ways to Prepare for Leeds Festival 2017
When it comes to festival preparation, you will find that some festivals need very little…. And some festivals you need to properly get in to the ZONE before you even begin to pack.
Smaller, independent festivals tend to be the fuss-free ones. Rock up at lunch time, find a quiet spot to camp and let the fun commence.
Leeds Festival can be next level though. With Early Bird tickets allowing punters in as early as the Wednesday, some people find themselves living in a field well in to the Bank Holiday Monday. 
After visiting Leeds Festival on and off for over 10 years (and every year for the last 5), I’ve picked up a few tips along the way. We’ve already established our drinks menu for the weekend, so time to go on to the more practical stuff….

5 tips for preparing for Leeds Festival 2017

Get a Rolling Trolley Thing!
I mentioned this tip in my ways to prepare for Download Festival blog post  and it’s well worth investing in one if you’re going to more than one festival. Leeds Festival is one of the biggest walks I’ve done from car park to campsite. And unlike Download – there isn’t a race track to give you a break from the grassy terrain! If you’re going for the full weekend and early bird you’re going to be taking so many supplies alongside your camping gear and one of these bad boys is the best festival investment you’ll ever make.
Plan Your Campsite Before You Go

The campsites at Leeds tend to have their own little personalities and types of people that seem to gather in them. For example: Blue and Red always seems to be the party camps. If you’re not bothered about getting much sleep and want to party hard the entire weekend, head for these. If you’re after a more subdued vibe, go for Brown camp. It’s the furthest away from the arena, but it also tends to be the one that families and more females use and can wind down earlier than the others,
Send Your Tents Ahead With Your Mates
If you have friends heading to Leeds Festival with an early bird ticket, then send your tent with them in return for you taking some of their supplies. The campsites can get full pretty quickly and you’re going to want a spot away from the sides (as people seem to like to pee there) and away from the main walk ways (as people like to pee there) and away from the toilets (because people like to pee there). You want to go for somewhere central, with a landmark/post so it makes it easy to find! 
Plan Your Band Itinerary 

If you head to Clashfinder you can plan which bands you want to see and when. This makes it super easy to get to the right stages at the right time and not miss anything! Another tip for this is to screenshot it on your phone whilst you still have signal too. Sometimes phone signal can dip in and out, so you’ll end up frustrated when you’re trying to find out where you need to be at short notice.
Arrange a Meeting Point with Friends

As mentioned, phone signal can be bad at times at any festival. On the first day, find a landmark on the festival site and if you or any of your friends get lost just head there. If you’ve never been to Leeds Festival before it can be a little daunting. I still get lost despite being familiar with the layout! And I’ll be damned if I’ll ever find my tent alone in the dark after a few drinks. With this in mind, scout out something big, like the Ferris Wheel and just tell your friends to meet there if you get lost in the crowd at any point.
With just over two months until Leeds Festival on August Bank Holiday Weekend – Who are you looking forward to seeing?

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