Music Blog: 3 Things I Learnt At Bloodstock Festival with Kraken Rum

Ah, Bloodstock Festival.

This year I was fortunate enough to be invited by one of my favourite drinks brands, ever, to attend Bloodstock 2017.

I must admit, Bloodstock is probably a *little* heavier than I’m used to. I mean, I’m all for a bit of Sikth (absolute fan since their manager sent me a bundle of promo merch back in 2003). But hey, you have to seize the day and say ‘yes’ to the opportunities that come your way, don’t you?

Rockin’ up in my best ‘Courtey Love on rum’ outfit, we got the the festival site on Friday and partied pretty hard the entire weekend.

Here are 3 Things I Learnt at my First Bloodstock Festival

Not All Metal Music Sounds the Same

As mentioned, this type of metal isn’t my usual bag. Whilst I do love the heavier side of punk rock and all that comes with it, death metal is always a bit beyond me. However, after listening to a few songs from a few bands there was a distinguishable difference. I mean, take Arch Enemy for example. The singer looks like Katy Perry but has a voice akin to a bloke which has been practising his deep growls since birth.


There Is Such A Thing As ‘Too Much’ Rum


Okay, if anyone told me before I went to Bloodstock that you could drink *too* much Kraken, I wouldn’t have believed them. Spiced Rum is actually my drink of choice, so you’d think I’d be used to it. However, a few cheeky rums later and I was literally that girl stumbling over having the time of her life. The best bit though? No hangover. The second best thing? Even though I partied pretty hard, I felt safe. This is something which is a rarity in 2017. A drunk girl feeling pretty safe not only with the people she’s with but also within the general atmosphere and vibes of a place. Bloodstock, you looked after me. Thank you.



It’s Actually a Pretty Good Family Festival

Speaking of safety, there were SO many families at Bloodstock it was amazing! Little kids with their face painted like that classic ‘corpse face’ thing all the metalheads do, was actually kinda cute. There were children of all ages having a great time! Probably not the first idea people would have for a fun family adventure, but I’ve definitely seen a lot less and a lot more miserable kids at other festivals. Lil’ cuties.

Thanks so much to Kraken Rum for inviting me! Same again next year?