Beauty Blog: A Cheap Dupe for Dior Poison Girl?

dior poison girl dupe

If you’ve not smelt Dior Poison Girl yet, please don’t.
It’s the most amazing, delicious, beautiful scent that has ever graced my nostrils.
But at nearly £100 a bottle it’s simply not an affordable luxury.
I got my bottle from an event at the Airport with World Duty Free. At the time I picked it up for £69, which was pretty pricey, but I always assumed I’d be able to pick it up on the high street at some point for a more affordable price.
My search has been on-going and completely fruitless.
It’s never on sale and there’s nothing that smells remotely like it.

What makes the scent for me is the Tonka Bean

A rounded, creamy base of Tonka Bean makes Dior Poison Girl smell like nothing I’ve smelt before.
After searching online for an affordable dupe, a lot of people said that YSL Black Opium was similar. And granted, it is (it’s also another one of my favourite perfumes), but that still reaches about £70 a bottle. And doesn’t have that god damn Tonka Bean.
After  bit more research though and browsing a few European Forums, I came across another more affordable dupe from internet users.
la rive fleur de femma dior poison girl dupe

La Rive Fleur De Femme

La Rive Fleur Femme is a soft, fruity yet mature fragrance. I picked it up for a mere £12.99 on Amazon and it came all the way from Germany. That price included postage and packaging, so I did think it would be too good to be true.
Turns out I was…
Whilst on paper it sounded pretty much identical, with base notes of Tonka Bean, alongside bitter orange and floral notes, it simply doesn’t have the depth of scent Dior Poison Girl has.
I’m not sure if my bottle is just a dudd or what though, as there’s just no vanillary/creamy scent to it whatsoever. The scent also lasts nowhere near as long.
It’s a bit of a shame, but at the end of the day it is still a pleasant fragrance which will have to do for days where I can’t justify a few spritzs of my beloved. 
I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that Zara develop a dupe in their perfume section soon. Or at least bring back Black Peony which made me smell like Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. *sigh*