Food Blog: Bottomless Brunch at Shoryu Ramen, Manchester

Do any two words go together more beautifully than ‘bottomless’ and ‘brunch’?
Probably not.
Although ‘gin’ and ‘lemonade’ does come pretty close…

But you can’t really have gin and lemonade first thing on a Sunday brunch time can you? So, Bottomless Brunch it is.
A lot of places have jumped on the Bottomless Brunch wagon, but one place that is doing it with a twist is Shoryu Ramen in Manchester.
I must admit, noodles for brunch probably wouldn’t have been the first thing I’d think of. But after experiencing the steamed bun goodness at Shoryu Ramen before, it would be silly not to pop along to try their new brunch offering when I was invited.
Food Blog: Bottomless Brunch at Shoryu Ramen, Manchester

Every Sunday you can enjoy the following brunch bonanza all for £38/pp:

Bottomless Drinks

Choose from Sapporo beer, red and white house wine, sparkling wine, Kobai plum wine with soda, green tea and Calpico. 
I went for Calpico, as I’d had a few too many of the aforementioned types of drinks the night before. I must have glugged around 3 glasses of it before my food even came out! Calpico is a drink that I literally cannot describe the flavour of. It’s a milky, cloudy white colour and tastes of a mild citrus. So refreshing.
Food Blog: Bottomless Brunch at Shoryu Ramen, Manchester

For Starters

When it comes to starters, choose wisely because you get to enjoy 4 of these bad boys. And this is all before the main event. Not only do you get Edamame and a choice of Shoryu Bun (always go for the pork one because it is the bomb-diggedy), but you ALSO get to have four, yes four sides. From deliciously refreshing cucumber and seaweed salads, to fresh gyoza, there’s loads to choose from and as you get four(!) you and a few friends could literally try everything on the starters menu if you wanted.

And then the main event – Bottomless Ramen!

Food Blog: Bottomless Brunch at Shoryu Ramen, Manchester

Honest to god, the curry ramen is the best thing I’ve put in my mouth for a while.

Seriously. The flavours, the textures, the absolute delicousness of this dish. I could eat it until I’m sick I tell you .
The for Dessert Two, you can polish if all off with two scoops of ice cream. I chose matcha green tea and black sesame. You know, because I hadn’t had enough flavour sensations already (lol).

So all in all, a Bottomless Brunch with a difference!

Okay so £38 for a brunch may seem a little pricey when you think about it. But when you think about it a bit more, how awesome would this be to do before an all-dayer? That’s my plan for the next Bank Holiday weekend…. And I cannot wait. Just a shame we have to wait quite a while now though isn’t it? 
You can book your bottomless brunch at Shoryu Ramen online here.