Lifestyle Blog: De-cluttering Collections & Self Expression with eBay

Being in the process of buying a house, the constant dread of getting that moving-in date and having to deal with ALL my belongings is certainly on my mind.

I am a complete hoarder.
I used to collect so much stuff. 

From Sanrio and Hello Kitty memorabilia back in the day, to Limited Edition Vinyl Toys and even fancy make up packaging. I just can't bring myself to throw some things away. 

I just can't bring myself to throw some things away and apparently I am not the only one in Stoke-on-Trent! A recent survey by eBay reckons that 25% of Stoke-on-Trent residents collect sports merchandise as a form of self-expression. Despite not being a massive sports fan, I definitely seem to express myself through my home – which has led to a number of home collections over the years… 

I've definitely got a lot better over the last few years though, don't get me wrong.

Especially since I knew I was going to be moving. Every night since I knew the move was going to happen I've made it an aim to clear at least one thing out. Whether it's a random box that I've tidied various belongings hastily in to, or a few drawers of clothing. I've even started to get rid of furniture and picture frames now too! 

With my new home I want to make some good investment pieces. I've already been in the mindset that rented properties don't lend themselves to those pieces for life. I think that's just me though?

I never feel like renting is permanent. Despite being in my current house for 2 and a half years! During this time I'd like to think that my collections of crap had got a little lighter. But the truth is I'm just collecting other things in different ways.

Let's take my kitchen cupboard as a prime example.

I had multiple cups and mugs and no more than two match. 

Why? I've no idea. Let's blame it on the Stoke thing, where were have numerous factory shops with beautiful one-off mugs openly available for a discount price. We are in 'The Potteries' after all.

I've actually had a jolly good clear out now though and ridded myself of cups that don't match and any ceramics which are just... you know, too random.

My aim for my new house is have at least 4 cups that actually go together!

Plates and bowls are no better. From my Cath Kidston dinosaur set, to generic white plates. It's all so random. Some may say a little bit un-organised... I like to call it eclectic.

As the decluttering continues, the plan is the reignite my eBay account to make a little bit of money on the side for my big move. After trying all the other online marketplaces, I still find myself drawn back to eBay as the best and easiest one to use. Not to mention the buyer protection is also amazing compared to other sites and apps!

So whilst I am not like 25% of Stokies with the whole Sports Collection thing... I am probably more like the 75% of Stokies that like to express themselves with a little bit of our heritage in pottery form.

*Collaborative Post

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