Music Blog: Gig List Autumn/Winter 2017

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Since festival season is over and dark nights are creeping in, it’s time to focus on some casual enjoyment in some smaller venues throughout the UK.
I’m really loving this revival of guitar music which has been progressively creeping back in over the past few years.
By this I mean that genres like Dubstep, Weird Dance and Boy Bands like One Direction have been and gone and there’s a lot more of these *real bands* in the charts. In fact, The National and their latest album ‘Sleep Well Beast’ recently got to number one in the UK album charts!?
Alongside this mini-revival comes a shed load of gigs that I really want to attend:

Weezer // October 2017

After recently planning a series of gigs in 2018, where they will be supporting Foo Fighters in Australia, Weezer are heading out on somewhat of a ‘warm up’ tour on various dates around America and the UK starting in October. I’ve already got tickets to the London leg of the tour, because I knew I had to see them again after catching them at Sonisphere a few years ago! Expect to know more songs than you thought you did, alongside a weird and wonderful performance by lead singer Rivers Cuomo.

At The Drive in & Death From Above 1979

Honestly, the idea of these two bands performing at the same show on the same night brings me so much joy. With a plethora of noise coming at you from every direction, it’s going to be like sticking your head in a jet engine – but in the most enjoyable way. Even though this tour doesn’t kick off until March 2018, I’m already SO excited about it.

Gorillaz – Humanz Tour

From the end of November and on selected dates in December, Gorillaz are somehow taking to the stage in the UK. I need to see them at some point out of intrigue, because you know; they’re cartoons?  I always watch this Madonna and Gorillaz video on YouTube wondering how they actually did it, with her weaving in and out of the projected band members. Boggles my brain it does.

Are there any gigs you’re looking forward to seeing this season?