Music Blog: Leeds Festival 2017

korn at leeds festival 2017
Leeds Festival 2017 has been and gone, but it seems like everyone who attended is still on a high about it.
And it’s easy to understand why.
For one – the sun was actually shining for the entire weekend for the first time in YEARS.
There wasn’t a pair of wellies in sight.
I don’t know if it was the sun, the lack of wellies, or the excellent line up, but the atmosphere was just the best. Even now I keep noticing people on Twitter getting some serious Leeds Festival saudade.
This year we ended up camping over for just two nights, which makes a change to our usual 3-4 night stint. Kindly gifted a tent from Blacks, it was also the most comfortable Leeds Festival ever as usually we end up with a £20 tent from Tesco! This year though? I felt like a mini-queen of the campsite and complete with my snuggly sleeping bag we had the best nights of outdoor sleep.

Highlights of Leeds Festival 2017 on Hello Terri Lowe UK music and culture blog.

Well I say that, but one of the nights we actually didn’t get back to the campsite until 7.30am after partying at Piccadilly Party all night. Whoops.

Highlights of Leeds Festival 2017 on Hello Terri Lowe UK music and culture blog.

Back in the day I used to hate camping and would rarely do it. Now I feel like a fully fledged ‘Festival Camper’ and have definitely turned in to that annoying person who rocks back up at the tent at a stupid hour and wakes everyone up by being a loud idiot. But that’s all the fun of festivals, right? Sorry, not sorry.

Leeds Festival 2017 Highlights

This year was this first time that there was a band I needed to see. 

That band was KoRn. 

Back in the days of nu-metal, they were my all time favourite band. And the one that I never actually managed to see in my youth. I remember discovering them on Teletext forums, alongside Limp Bizkit and even the name alone drew intrigue. 
That’s right, in 2001 you had to find bands on Teletext. None of this YouTube business. 

Don’t get me wrong, I managed to see a bit of KoRn last year at Download 2016, but because the rain was so bad I only got to see 4 songs before I had to retreat.
This year I got to see the full set in glorious sunshine. And it was well worth the 17 year wait.

Another band from my youth that I never got to see was Billy Talent.
Not only did I get to the front row for the set, but I also got to meet the chaps in the guest area later on too. Unfortunately they couldn’t come and party for too long as they had a 2am flight back to Canada, but we still got a few jagerbombs regardless.

The guest area was bigger and better than it had been in previous years. They’ve actually moved it for 2017 and it’s where the staff camp used to be. With DJs from Piccadilly Party and beyond doing 1-2hour sets throughout the weekend, you could either just chill out in the day, or party hard at night.

Highlights of Leeds Festival 2017 on Hello Terri Lowe UK music and culture blog.

And continuing the trend of just watching bands I loved 20 years ago…

At The Drive In were another that made my life a little bit more complete. I have seen them a few times but I find them to be just so pretentious and arrogant. Usually that really annoys me, but I don’t know if it was the sunshine or just hearing a load of bangers from Relationship of Command that made it so perfect this year.

I feel like festivals are in a really great place with regards to line-ups these days, as I’m actually getting to see a shed load of bands I really love but couldn’t afford to see when I was about 18!

Of course, Piccadilly Party was its usual insane-self…

This year the gang even made the official line up poster…. And not only that, but they were also flying the flag for the whole ‘females at festivals’ vibe by having Karistocat, Mel Clarke and Anna Dumpe DJing the prime spots throughout the evening. 
I think the two nights we stayed was actually just the right amount of time. Usually by day 3 I am in a right little tired mood. But we managed to leave after Eminem on the Sunday and my spirits were still on a high… Hell, I’ve been on a high ever since. This year was amazing.

Same again next year?