Travel Blog: Packing for a Weekend in Amsterdam

This weekend Charl and I are heading for a little weekend in Amsterdam with Clink Hostels!

I’m SO excited, as everyone keeps telling me how great it is to visit. Forgetting the *obvious* attractions in the city, there’s also a tonne of heritage and interesting places to see and do.
With the weather across the globe seemingly erratic AF at the moment, I’m attempting to pack cleverly, by pretty much taking on a ‘festival packing’ mentality. As it’s hand luggage only, we’re talking light layers, waterproofs and comfort.

The team at CLINK Hostels (who are being ever so kind and organising our trip) have also mentioned that there will be filming during our adventure as well. Eep. So we have the following to consider:

✔Potential sun
✔Potential rain
✔Comfort for being a tourist
✔Pretending I have a slight sense of style

So what do you pack for a weekend in Amsterdam?

A Lightweight Waterproof Coat
This waterproof coat from Millets is perfect for weather that’s not quite cold, but a little chilly, but also kinda sunny but definitely gonna rain at some point… Which let’s face it, pretty much sums up the weather in the UK and Europe at the moment it seems. In this blue nautical style, it’s also perfect for those who want one of those yellow rain macs but just KNOW they’ll look like an actual child in it. I mean, I really, really want one, but this is the closest to nautical/fisherman chic without being ID-ed.

A Small yet Versatile Backpack
This backpack was from TK Maxx and it’s perfect for dressing up or down for (most) occasions. I used to use it all the time when I commuted to Manchester for work, as it doesn’t stick out like other backpacks tend to. It squeezes my lightweight coat in and also any other essentials I’ll need throughout the day. As we are doing a bike ride on the Saturday this is going to be ideal for that.

what to pack for a weekend in amsterdam
Comfortable Footwear

I’m taking my failsafe Clarks Boots in case it is a rainy weekend, as they are SO comfortable, and waterpoof. Alongside those I am also taking my Nike Trainers because I basically live in these anyway so makes sense! I find it hard to wear certain shoes for a length of time because I have awkward feet, but I literally can’t go wrong with these two options for footwear. 
And the essentials, of course…

Mini toiletries, change of pants, disposable contact lenses and a pair of glasses! 
These glasses were from which is another overseas retailer who beat UK high street prices. They always have loads of offers on, like getting your first pair of glasses for free(!) – So worth checking out.

I’ve also found that the mini Twist & Spritz Perfume Atomiser (£10!) is a lifesaver! I always panic about liquid allowances at the airport, but holding 8ml (100 sprays) of my favourite perfume takes all of the hassle out of the situation. It’s also super handy for nights out too, so the perfect handbag and weekend bag essential!!

Of course, I’ll be reporting back here on the blog about all the fun things we get up to in ‘The ‘Dam’ so check back if you’re interested!