Lifestyle Blog: Getting Spooky with B&M this Halloween

I was super pleased to be able to collaborate with B&M Stores recently as part of their new ambassador programme recently.

Being a massive fan of bargain shopping, and having a B&M right next to where I work, means that I’m in and out of the store daily – so it only makes sense that in exchange for some vouchers I get to get my spook on as part of their new blogger partnerships!

Spending, on average, around £5 per day on random bits and bobs I need for my house, I always find what I need; whether it’s light bulbs, or lucozade.

This year I have 2 Halloween occasions to go to. Well, one is actually the Halloween fancy dress day at work, but the other is a night out in London after I’ve seen Weezer.

I’m going to be going to London as a ‘Dead Mermaid’...But mainly because I have an abundance of sequin garments I just want an excuse to wear. To compliment my outfit, I’ve picked up this amazing pack of multicoloured glitter, which I will mix with hair gel to add to… Well, various parts of my body (be sure not to use this anywhere near your eyes though pals and stick to cosmetic grade glitters for that kind of thing). I’m not sure if this kind of outfit will be suitable for the Weezer gig, but it will certainly look the part at the party afterwards.

At work, I’ll be going for a more toned down Halloween vibe, with this American Psycho dress, complete with blood splattered rights and pale make up. I just hope my car doesn’t break down at any point during my journey. I do not fancy welcoming the AA Man to be broken down vehicle in all my Halloween shebang.

Rounding down the seasonal occasion with a lovely glass of Casillero del Diablo (which translates to ‘Devil’s Locker’) wine, that I also picked up from B&M as part of my Halloween haul, I certainly am looking forward to the most fantastic time of the year…. Especially when enjoyed out of a spooky spider glass haha.

To keep sugar levels up for Halloween, a quick win is to buy some mini-cupcakes and top them with slime green cream and some cake toppers from B&M…. And don’t forget the Zombie finger lollies, which are not only good for eating, but also great for stirring a few cocktails.

I’ve noticed that B&M have already started to reduce their Halloween stock, and there’s still plenty to choose from! So make sure you pop into your local one ASAP to get down with the spooky goodness.