Collaboration: How Early is too Early for Christmas Shopping?

The countdown for Christmas is officially on! With only 6 weeks to go until the big day – are you prepared?
I’m one of those shoppers who HATES buying items for the sake of it. I tend to do all my shopping ‘as and when’ I see things that make me think of people. 
A lot of people I know (especially ones with kids) have had their Christmas shopping list in action and actively ticked off for months now! In fact one friend actually does her shopping in the January Sales ready for the next year.

Now, that’s what I call ‘expert level’ Christmas shopping.

Recent research by eBay reveals that my friends are the only super organised ones and apparently 28% of Brits have Christmas shopping all wrapped up by the end of September!!
45% shop first for person that’s most important or is guaranteed to give the best reaction – so in my case that would be…. me (wink wink)
and 75% shop for kids first and Dads last; which is weird because I always find my niece and my dad the two easiest ones to shop for! It’s always my Nana that’s the tricky one!
The study also revealed that the average household is set to spend up to £747.78 on their loved ones this Christmas. WELL, after just buying my house, I’ll be deducting about £700 from that amount for my loved ones – but that’s where websites like eBay come in a DREAM for bagging unique bargains for everyone.

Tips for Christmas Shopping on eBay

I’ve been using eBay ever since I got an internet connection, so have picked up a few tips for bagging the best bargains along the way. Here’s a few tips to really get the most out of your Christmas eBay shop.
 ✔Always search for a ‘loose’ spelling of the item you’re after. Sometimes people make typos, or get the names of products slightly wrong. You can even use websites like to find them!
 ✔If you don’t mind waiting for shipping (and are one of those shopping in September), try looking for items from international sellers. You have to wait a little longer for delivery, but when I’ve ordered from Chinese sellers there are no custom fees, delivery is often free and the items are so much cheaper.
 ✔To find the cheapest items you’re after, order Auction Items in ‘ending soonest’ and any Buy it Now items in lowest price for postage AND packaging. You’ll soon be dropping on some great buys.