Beauty Blog: The Only Two Eyeshadow Palettes I Need

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I tend to stick to just one or two colours in a set of 200000000; always leaving the rest wasted and unloved. 

Most eyeshadow palettes seems to be all filler and minimal killer, for me anyway. 
I’d be eyeing up the Maybelline eyeshadow palettes for some time in the shops. Not only did I like how they were a compact size, with the packaging being lightweight and easy to pack in an overnight bag, but I also like how versatile the colour collections seemed to be.

But really annoyingly they never had a tester open – no matter what shop I went in to?!
Thankfully, Notino stocked both of the ones I fancied, so as part of my monthly partnership with them I chose both the 24K Nudes and Burgundy Bar sets.
Sometimes you have to take a chance, don’t you?
Luckily both palettes are DREAMY. And let me tell you why:

  • Extremely pigmented.
  • Creamy powder consistency.
  • Easy to blend with brush or fingers.
  • Colours can be amplified further by mixing with setting spray.
  • ALL colours are versatile and easy to use together!
Retailing at around £10 each, they are worth it not only for the versatility of the colours, but also for the quality of the eye shadows themselves. In fact, the quality rivals some higher end brands I’ve tried – and these are a fraction of the price!
Find out more at Notino >>  here.