Beauty Blog: Where to Buy Bath & Body Works Products in the UK

I have seen Bath & Body Works knocking around Instagram for years now.

Everyone seems to have jumped on the PocketBac bandwagon – and who can blame them when they come in such exciting scents.

I mean, I rarely even use hand sanitizing gels, but somehow, I wanted them.

The only thing stopping me was the fact that you can only seem to buy them in America, which is a little bit of a pain with customs charges.

Of course, when I saw Bath & Body Works on Notino, I immediately chose some products as part of my monthly collaboration with them.

They stock a range of products such as candles, room sprays, body sprays and the coveted pocketbac, in a range of scents.

I must admit, I am surprised that the antibacterial gels smell so great and leave your skin feeling so much softer than the regular cheapo ones you usually get.

As they’re delivered by DPD straight to your door, you avoid any unexpected customer charges and know where you stand with the standard £3.99 delivery.

I also picked up the cucumber and melon hand cream, which is working quite well to keep my hands hydrated in this horribly cold weather we’re having.

With a Shea Butter base, the refreshing scent is the perfect combination of moisturising and refreshing.

Check out the full range at Notino here.