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I don't do these fashion blogs very often, do I?

After the success of my beautiful Leopard Print Boots over on Instagram recently, I couldn't help but choose some more swag from my new favouite budget fashion website LOTD

Taking to mostly the sale section, I managed to pick up the same 4 buckle ankle boots in black... And guess how much they were?

Just £10.

That's right - ten English pounds.

And they were worth every penny. The first day I wore them out I had no less than 4 people ask me where they were from.

One of which I awkwardly didn't hear what she said properly so just said 'THANKS BYE' as I walked past...

To save any more awkward replies, take a look at them online here.

I also picked up the mustard jumper from LOTD, which ended up being the perfect addition to this outfit, as it was absolutely BALTIC outside this weekend.

The Leopard Print coat was from Primark in the sale.

I don't know about you, but there's something about a leopard print coat that runs a find line between feeling super sassy and feeling a bit like a high class hooker? Maybe I just like them because each time I wear it there's a slight danger of it swaying the wrong way, who knows?

Either way, it was also a bargain at only £15.

I pretty much live in these coated black trousers, which are also from Primark. So there's nothing to report on there...

In other news, you may notice that my hair is sans-extensions in these pictures. On the 21st I'm heading to the hairdressers and having a bit of a style over-haul, so weaning myself off my beloved fake hair for now.

New year, new me, who dis and all that.

Shout out to Charl at who took these sassy street pictures for me. 
And a big up to LOTD for providing me with some gifted clothing and my boots for this post.

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  1. Those boots are stunning. I definitely don't need to do any more clothes shopping after the sales but you've tempted me to check out this website for sure!



Thanks for the comment!

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