Beauty Blog: How to Maintain Purple Hair to Prevent Fading

Stop purple hair fading hello Terri Lowe

Going from years of red hair, to my new purple shade, has been quite the hair journey.

After the initial colouring, I needed to visit the salon again only 2 weeks later. Due to my hair being bleached, conditioned and dyed purple on the day, the initial colour faded super quickly.
This is quite normal though, when you go through such a process.
The hairdresser had already informed me of this and before I left the salon that day I was already booked in for the freshen up.
Now it has been toned a second time, I can get stuck in to a few products to help maintain the colour and prevent my new purple hair from fading.

How to Stop Purple Hair Fading

Keep hair washing to a minimum: I’ve been washing my hair twice a week and this has really helped to keep the colour fresh. In between I use a little bit of dry shampoo, but to be honest, it doesn’t seem to get all that greasy washing it this infrequently anyway! I did use to wash every other day though, so it’s weird getting used to a new routine.

Pop some colour pigment in your conditioner: It’s really simple to grab something like the L’Oreal Colourista colours (buy here from Notino) and squeeze a helping in to your conditioner. Leave it on for a few minutes whilst you have a shower then simply rinse off!

Use a super moisturing shampoo: I’ve been loving the hydrating shampoo from Shea Moisture. I find their conditioners a little heavy for my hair, but the shampoo is the perfect compromise between cleansing the dirt away and adding a little bit of moisture without stripping the colour out.

Deep condition at least once a week: I tend to do a deep condition at least once a week – but I do it before my regular shampoo and conditioner, just so it doesn’t weight the hair down too much. This way I can still use my mix of conditioner and colour pigment after the treatment has worked its magic.

What tips do you have for maintaining coloured hair?