Collaboration with WHISKAS: Why Do Cats Meow?

A cats meow. It can mean a few things.
I have 3 cats now, each with their own little personality.
Each one has their own reasons to meow.
But did you know that generally, they only meow to communicate with humans not with other cats?

With this in mind. Let’s take a look the reasons my clowder of cats like to communicate with me.



First up, we have Kitty.

Kitty started off on her own in my home. So introducing other cats 7 years later has been a difficult task.
In the past she has meowed for attention. Usually at night.
It’s a rather round and loud meow. And if you don’t give her the attention she craves from the meow, she will find other ways to get it.
For example: weeing.
Usually on clothes.
So I have learnt my lesson promptly that when she wants attention – give it to her!

Secondly, Stevie.

Stevie is a rather quiet cat with a big personality.
The main reason he meows is for the water tap in the kitchen.
He will sit patiently waiting for it to come on. He will let you pass several times and just look at you.
But after a few minutes he will prompt you will a quiet meow and paw on the tap.
Quite an intelligent little fella!

Finally, we have the newest addition to the clan; Dot.

Dot is a bit of a funny one really.
Very friendly, but hates being picked up.
As soon as you pick her up it’s a chorus of meows until she is put down.
She also meows on the way to the food bowl.
But accidentally pop her in a room and shut the door? And you won’t hear a peep!

Do your cats meow?

My grandparents once had a deaf cat that just made a husky sound.
But then they’ve also had ones that have meowed non-stop.


It’s funny how they each have their own little quirks.




This post is a collaboration with Whiskas, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website and their KIT hub for more information on why do cats meow and their Youtube video for fantastic KIT videos.