Lifestyle Blog: 7 Ways to Treat Yourself

Valentine’s Day.

What a cop-out, eh.

Even when I have been in a relationship, I’ve never been the romantic type. I don’t know why. I suppose I just don’t really need that one special day to shout about romance. I mean, I can do that all year round if I wanted to.

And that goes for treating yourself as well. I don’t need any day of the week to dictate when I get to have a little treat…

Although I must admit, a 3 hour bath on a Sunday with a hangover does seem like a treat from heaven at the time.

Anyway, here are 7 ways to treat yourself EVERY day, or whenever you God Damn wish.

✔ A 3 hour bath with a fancy foaming bath oil (the one in the picture is AMAZING and so cheap! buy some here)
✔ Use a luxurious face and hair mask and relax (preferably with the next treat on the list, whilst in that bath….)
✔ Crack out some fancy mixers for your gin/prosecco. I keep a bottle of this one in my fridge for when I fancy a treat
✔ A cuddle with your favourite fury friend (I have 3 to choose from now)
✔ A sneaky Kinder Happy Hippo that you keep in your work drawer so you can have its sweet goodness as a mid afternoon treat
✔ A little splurge on AliExpress. It’s so cheap you hardly spend anything and then when the goods show up from China it’s the gift that keeps giving!
✔ Make your skincare routine feel like a treat by getting facial oils and oil cleansers that are a tiny massage for your chops every evening. My new favourite affordable brand Bielenda have loaaadsss of oil based products to try.

What every day ways to you find to treat yourself?