Lifestyle Blog: Contact Lens Confession

Recently I got sent some new daily contact lenses from Feel Good Contacts.

It got me thinking about all the silly things I do with my contacts that I definitely should not do.

I've been wearing contact lenses since I was 16, so I'd like to think that in 16 years, at the age of 32 I would have learnt better methods for taking care of them and my eyes.

But nope. I'm awful.

I tend to wear monthly contact lenses, which is where my contact lens confession comes in and where daily lenses are an eye saviour.

At festivals or on nights out, I *forget* to take my contact lenses out.

Awful, I know.

The reason, which seems rational at the time, is that I don't want to miss the pot or  not put solution in and ruin my monthly lenses....

I suppose because I used to do that ALL the time when I was younger!

So I end up sleeping with them in through fear of ruining the lenses, not taking in to account I'm ruining my eyes.

That's why daily contact lenses are my new thing. A recent discovery actually, over the past 18months or so....

I don't know why I never bothered with them before and they're so much cheaper than I realised.

I mean, you can pick up a box of 30 comfi lenses for only £7.99.

Considering I wear my contact lenses 7 days a week for long periods of time, I used to have to spend so much to get comfortable all-day wear from lenses.

I've been trialling the Comfi Lenses for around a month (on and off inbetween my monthly lenses) and I must say, I've had no issues with dry eyes during the time I've worn them.

Another thing I really enjoy about buying contact lenses online is that they can actually do me next day delivery.

As my prescription is really strong, when I go to the opticians they insist on seeing me for an appointment and then ordering the lenses in. For some reason this has taken up to 5 days  before - so next day delivery is a god send at times when I don't realise my supplies are running low!

Of course, if you are buying contact lenses online, do ensure that you have your most recent prescription and still attend regular eye checks.

Apparently Feel Good Contacts is already the cheapest on the internet with a price match promise, but if you use the Discount Code STAYCOMFI12 you can get 12% off your first order.

Can't say fairer than that!

*Disclaimer: lenses sent in return for blog feature, no payment was made for this blog post.

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