Beauty Blog: Fragrance of the Month Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

SJP lovely on UK beauty blogIf you’ve ever been to my house (which let’s face it, you probably haven’t), then you will have seen my extensive perfume collection.

For some reason I am obsessed with buying perfumes.

So, what better way to make the most of my collection than feature a new scent each month.

This first one is probably a bit of a cop out, actually. As I’m also going to pimp my Instagram competition with this post as well. Don’t judge me.

I’m actually part of the #SJP100, which is a group of bloggers who get sent a bottle of fragrance from the Sarah Jessica Parker range every now and again.

They don’t always offer one to give away, but this time they are so head over to this post if you fancy a chance to win!

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

The Lovely scent itself always reminds me of my pal Charl from GingerGirlSays. The amount of times she gets in my car and smells of this one is more often than not.

As soon as I smelt it I instantly thought of her.

With base notes of Cedarwood, White Amber, Sultry Woods and Musk, it’s the perfect daily scent – although it does stray away from my regular, richer scents quite dramatically!

In a lovely, simply bottle, it takes pride of place on my perfume shelf; amongst the various other bottles of dark and pink tones (I seem to only have perfume in those two coloured bottles at the moment!).

Not only is SJP Lovely a distinctive, yet light, daily scent. It is also super affordable.

For a massive 100ml bottle you’re looking at around £10-£15 from most high street shops.

Both the bottle of perfume in this post and the one being given away on my competition were provided by the SJP fragrance team.