Beauty Blog: Fragrance of the Month Missguided Babe Power

The Missguided Babe Power perfume is one which I have been absolutely LOVING since its launched a few months ago.

A little apprehensive at first, as obviously you cannot smell scents online, it’s a purchase I’ve made again twice since.

I’m addicted to the scent.

It’s a tricky one to describe though, so bear with me….

With a powdery, rhubarb, creamy richness, it’s like nothing I’ve smelt before.

At first it actually reminded me of the classic from Avon in the form of ‘Far Away’ (and you’re showing your age if you remember that being on trend!). But after tracking down a bottle of that and comparing again, they are nothing alike.

Which is one of the key things about the Missguided Babe Power perfume actually.

NOTHING smells like it.

And in a good way.

After the initial sweet, fruity, creamy scent hits you, it settles in to almost a masculine scent.

A rich vanilla, with a musky amber.

Not only is it unique and delicious, but the can itself if something to take pride of place on your perfume shelf.

Just head to your local Fragrance Shop and give Missguided Babe Power a whiff.

For around £20 for an 80ml bottle, you won’t regret it.

Missguided have also bought out a range of body spritzes (4 to be exact), retailing for £10 a pop. I need to get them all. Immediately.