Food Blog: An Affordable Brunch at Trentham Gardens Stoke on Trent

I must admit. I tend to avoid Trentham Gardens. Particularly at the weekend.

It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s that I don’t really like the traffic that tends to go with a weekend trip.

Especially when I don’t seem to get there until peak times.

However, when you have encouragement to go a little earlier – for breakfast – you can avoid the traffic by getting there before the droves of visitors start to arrive.

Totally Delicious is a new addition to Trentham Gardens, that I only recently discovered.

We stumbled upon it the other week. With our eyes set on the usual brunch location of RAWR (which is across the way from Totally Delicious), we threw caution to the wind and tried something new.

Upon first glance, I thought that the menu would be really expensive. Some places within the Trentham Estate can boarder on extortionate. And with the lovely fresh restaurant, with copper accents throughout, I assumed we’d be looking at a big bill for a brunch for two.

But that is not what we were met with.

Most of the breakfast meals at Totally Delicious only set you back around £5-£6.

(Although the full English Breakfast is £9, but that’s a pretty average price)

On previous visits I’ve had the Eggs Benedict, which is always a good way to gauge the quality of a breakfast eatery (for me, anyway).

It was equally as delicious as others I’ve tried and teamed with the atmosphere of the setting, it really is a lovely place to head to for a brunch date.

Coming back to the full English Breakfast, that I had on my most recent visit, the quality of produce was brilliant.

With a rich, tasty black pudding and a sausage full of flavour, it was the perfect way to start my day.

Totally Delicious in Trentham Gardens also do a bangin’ looking lunch and evening menu.

5 Tapas Dishes for £20? I’m there.

Check out the full menu online >> here.

Looking for an affordable brunch at Trentham Gardens? Take a look at Totally Delicious.