Food Blog: An Evening Tasting Menu at Honey Restaurant Hotel Gotham

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It seems that my blog has rapidly changed from being beauty and fashion to being heavily food and music based.

Just the way I like it.

So here’s another food blog post to take you on an online culinary adventure.

Hotel Gotham recently appointed a brand new head chef in their illustrious Honey Restaurant.

As soon as you walk in to the ex-bank building Hotel Gotham is set within, you are transported away from Manchester and in to your very own film-like experience.

Even with the concierge on the door, complete with whimsy moustache and the pink umbrellas, in case it rains. The attention to detail is pretty impressive.

But we weren’t there for the hotel (although I do hope to bag a stay ASAP plz)

We were there to experience some taste sensations in the Honey Restaurant. Gotham Hotels very own ode to Manchester.

Tucked up on the 6th floor, you walk in to a lavish little eatery, which is laden with typewriters, top hats and all other kinds of trinkets nodding towards to Gotham theme.

Greeted at the restaurant entrance with a glass of champers, I knew we were in for a treat.

Not only that, but the restaurant has also been awards two AA rosettes. And the new Head Chef, Ross Chatburn, has also been awarded the title of Young Chef of the Year by the Manchester Hoteliers’ Association. Ooh la la.

What was on our 5 course tasting extravaganza?

A bloody new WORLD of flavour.

That’s what.

honey restaurant hotel gotham

Starting off with RADISHES (who would have thought), I think it’s safe to say that every one in the room walked out feeling a bit different about our little pink friends.

Picked, sliced, dipped in salt. There’s a new versatility to this salad addition that I never even realised existed.

But that’s not the only course that surprised me.

When I saw Pigs Cheek on the menu, I thought it was going to be an insight in to what we’ll be experience in Prague on our visit in September… (I have weird hopes for the food on that trip).

What we were served was actually akin to chunks of beef brisket somehow.

manchester food blog

Which was freakin’ delicious.

I have a thing for cherries in savoury dishes too. So with a marinated cherry on the side immediately made my eyes light up.

But the TASTE SENSATION was in the carrots. Yep, those tiny pink and orange carrots there on the plate. Smoky, sweet, crunchy, delicious. I don’t know what that lad did to them but he needs to never stop doing it.

The ratio of highly flavoursome food to ‘bulkier’ parts of the meal was spot on. Too many carrots and cherries would have been overpowering, but the balance was just right to tantalise your taste buds.

manchester food blog

Finally, on the starters tasting selection, we have the scallops…

This is really bad form – but I don’t think I’ve ever had a scallop before?

And if I have I can’t remember it, so that speaks for itself really.

These meaty chunks of fishy goodness are still on my mind though. How did I go so long without experiencing them?

Complimented with crispy whitebait and a charred cucumber square, it was simply fantastic. Who knew you could charr a cucumber eh?

Moving on to the main course, we have lamb.

manchester food blog

When the waiting on staff come over and ask if it’s okay that it’s served pink you do tend to wonder what ANIMALS ask for their meat well done, don’t you?

Steak? Rare. Lamb? RARE. Chicken? Okay, maybe let’s not go rare with that one.

This perfectly pink bit of meat came with a white garlic gnocci on the side, which somehow was green. But hey, I ain’t complaining. Those potatoey pastery little balls were great. And the lamb was the kind that you could draw a knife through LIKE BUTTER.

Yes, mate.

Then for the finalé we have a dessert of ‘peach and honey’.

manchester food blog

I’ve had many macaroons before. But never have I had a tiny macaroon as good as this tiny peachy macaroon. Good god.

Honey, verbena, sweet, crunchy, smooth and delicious. Just a few ways to describe this one. And then some.

The perfect way to end a delicious meal at the Honey Restaurant in Hotel Gotham.

I simply cannot WAIT to go back