Food Blog: Love at First Bite from The Pen and Pencil, Manchester

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Nah me neither.

Love at first bite on the other hand?

Fudge yeah.

And this weekend it was love, and every emotion in between at The Pen and Pencil in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

the pen and pencil nq

I knew the food was good. I’ve been for brunch a few times. But no steak and eggs could ever have prepared me for this juicy bad boy that I experienced on Saturday.

I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’m infatuated with a burger.

But it was no normal burger.

Take every burger you’ve ever had, think about how they made you feel. At the time, probably pretty good, but the feeling quickly goes doesn’t it?

the pen and pencil nq

That’s unless you’ve had this burger.

I’m going to nickname it THE JUICY. 

*Note: it was actually called a Submarine Bomb Burger.

But still…. I’M going to call it The Juicy.

BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT WAS. The juiciest burger to ever pass my lips.

I’ve had good burgers before. I occasionally let the sliders I had at Almost Famous that one time in 2014 enter my mind. But then I remember the deliciousness was slightly offset by the saltiness and I soon forget about them.

It’s been 2 days since this one. I think about it at least once every 3 minutes at the moment. I can’t stop.

Filled with goo. Goo in the form of cheese. But not any cheese. Some sweet, sweet red Leicester cheese which had just the right texture to compliment the juicy meat that encased it.

And not only that. The brioche bun was dipped in BUTTER.

Good god y’all, I can’t get over it.    

Skin on fries on the side to complete the culinary adventure too.

Sometimes life is good. Life is very good.

Oh and those round things with flowers on are beetroot falafel. Which were nice.

But c’mon.

That burger.


If you want to experience the burger of dreams, then I STRONGLY suggest you get yourself to The Pen and Pencil in NQ, Manchester, as soon as possible.

This bad boy would set you back £9.50, including the chips.

Worth. Every. Penny.

I need to go back as soon as possible before I cry.

Check out the full menu online here.

I was invited to review by The Pen and Pencil