Family Blog: The Perfect First Festival for a 3 Year Old!

When we first got to Timber Festival this weekend, I must admit, we were a little unsure about it.

A far cry away from my usual festival blog vibes, Timber Festival is aimed at a slightly different demographic than your usual indie or rock festival fan.

But saying that, once we got in to in my niece LOVED it.

Which has secured my status as ‘cool aunt’ for a good while now.

In fact, in the car on the way home the first thing she said was: “Can we go that place again please?”

Which for a three year old to request is quite the glowing recommendation!

But what made Timber Festival so good for a little lady like my niece?

Not only was the festival itself full of lovely people and had an overall really relaxed atmosphere, but the activities for kids were just spot on.

When I first saw the ‘hammer and saw’ playground and scoffed at it!

But this ever-so-simple idea was FULL of youngsters having the time of their lives sawing and hammering?! Crazy!

My niece thought this was the best bit and wanted to go back every 10 minutes after we left that bit to explore the other activities available.

There was a mini climbing wall, mini-workshops to make jewellery and wood items and even a lady teaching them beginners trapeze skills!

timber festivaltimber festival

I’ve never seen her face light up as much as when she was waiting for the trapeze!

It really was special for her to take part in things she wouldn’t usually get the chance to.

The music, I must admit, wasn’t to my taste. It was a lot of acoustic and folk music, which just isn’t my bag. However, the layout, location and chance to discover a plethora of things you wouldn’t usually really does make up for it.

As it’s only about an hour away from where we live in Stoke on Trent, it was a lovely way to spend some family time together in this glorious weather!

timber festival

timber festival

She’s desperate to go back next year, but in the interim we’re going to take her to Conkers, which was straight opposite Timber Festival in the National Forest. It’s as close as she’ll get for some interactive outdoor activities and she’s already excited to get a little taste of what she experienced this weekend.

Cool Aunt status secure for now….

I was invited by Timber Festival to review the weekend with my family.