Food Blog: A Black Pizza? The Benefits of Vegetable Carbon and Charcoal.

I’ve harped on about the benefits of my trusty Charcoal Tablets in real life for a while now.

Not only do they ease bloating, by absorbing internal gas, but they also avoid any other unwanted results of said bloating… Don’t make me go in to detail here.

I rely on them for when I’ve had anything like curries, too much bloating fruit, or just eaten a pie that does that dreadful ‘repeating on you’ thing.

UK food blogThere are other uses for charcoal, of course.

With people more commonly using it to whiten teeth, when I bought the charcoal tablets from the pharmacist, she actually asked if I was making face masks. Apparently a lot of people have been buying them for that.

Unfortunately my knee jerk reaction to be honest, told her the exact reason I was buying them.

Covering  all the details….

But my bloated belly aside.

Food blog

I recently discovered that Prezzo do a Black Pizza that may have more benefits to it than just releasing your inner goth.

Coming in two varieties, the black pizza at Prezzo can be either veggie or none veggie.

With a vegetable carbon infused base, the crust was incredibly crispy and tasted fresher than you would expect.

Charcoal pizza

The vegetarian version of the black pizza features a creamy béchamel, replacing the classic tomato it was certainly a cheesy, gooey treat.

Fresh mozzarella and rocket finished the toppings, which I feared would leave it a little plain. But it surprised me how flavoursome it actually was.

Although I am unsure as to whether the vegetable carbon base had the same affects as charcoal tablets, I did feel a little less bloated than usual at the end.

But that may be to do with sharing a pizza instead of my usual trick of eating an entire one to myself.

Would I try the black pizza from Prezzo again?

Probably, but it definitely needs to be shared.

As there isn’t a massive variation in toppings, it’s a little full on to conquer alone.

I would recommend getting some truffle infused fries on the side to make more of a meal of it between two.

I was given a £50 voucher to spend at Prezzo.