Food Blog: Craving Coffee, Tottenham – A Hidden Brunch Treasure in London

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When we traveled down to London for Queens of the Stone Age at Finsbury Park, we also stopped the night to get some touristy things done.

Alongside Gods Own Junkyard, we also stumbled upon a few other hidden treasures. Particularly in the food department.

Craving Coffee in Tottenham was one of them.

And for the first time in forever, I was hungover free on a Sunday!

Probably due to the lack of alcohol due to the queues at QOTSA.

To celebrate I needed a good brunch.

I’m not familiar with Tottenham, so to find a good brunch spot I literally went to Google and popped in “brunch” as my search term.

A few popped up.

I was tempted by some close by spots such as Finks Salt and Sweet and The Haberdashery, but after ordering the results by reviews, Craving Coffee came out on top…

craving coffee brunch london

When I looked at the location on Google I was a little bit skeptical. As we wandered down in to the residential area is seemed to be in the heart of, we were wondering if we’d even got the right place.

The building itself seems to be an old industrial unit from the outside.

But when you walk into Craving Coffee, the clean white walls and lovely atmosphere instantly makes you forget the building itself.

It reminded me a little bit of a coffee place we found in Amsterdam that was in the University by the hostel we stayed at.

As it was a scorching hot day, I went for an iced mocha.

Without a plastic straw in sight, my tumbler of the most perfect iced mocha I’ve ever tasted was served promptly.

Due to the scorching hot day, it was also downed pretty quickly too.

I wasn’t worried about having to splash out on more drinks though, as when we sat down the server bought us out a bottle of cold tap water, without even asking.

Is it just me that loves it when an eatery does that?

craving coffee brunch london

Alongside the standard brunch options of sourdough bread, eggs, avocado et al; there was also a great selection of brunches ‘with a twist’.

I went for the tuna option, which was Flaked Tuna, Pickled Salsa, Catalan Ragu and a Boiled Egg, served on Toasted Sourdough. Drizzled with some kind of delicious herby oil. this was like no brunch I have tasted before.

Even down the temperatures of the stack. The cold egg and warm tuna not only contrasted in flavours, but the textures were also amazing with each bite.

craving coffee brunch london

All in, the brunch was around £25 for two people.

Which may sound pricey for a morning meal, but when it’s supporting local businesses and traders it’s much better than spaffing the same at your local costa.

With drinks around £3 each and the main brunches around £8, the breakdown of prices isn’t too extortionate when we did have 2 drinks each in the end.