Food Blog: The Pointing Dog in Cheadle Hulme

Pointing dog cheadle review

If you’ve ever driven from on the a34 between Stoke on Trent and Manchester, you will, without doubt, have seen a sign for The Pointing Dog.

Tucked just off the roundabout in Cheadle Hulme, The Pointing Dog has the essence of a ‘local pub’ but with a much larger reality.

Pointing dog cheadle review Pointing dog cheadle review

An impressive size restaurant and bar area, with a perfect outdoor seating environment, The Pointing Dog caters for all. Perfect for both ‘date night’ and larger family groups.

As it was just so sweltering hot outside, we decided to eat our starters and mains inside. The beautifully decorated dining area was lovely, with dog-themed wall art and rustic features throughout.

For my starter, I chose the soy marinated duck, pickled cucumber, radish & spring onion noodle salad, sesame seeds, soy glaze.

Pointing dog cheadle review

Packed full of fresh flavours, with the most succulent duck I’ve ever tasted, this was the perfect start to my meal. The noodles were not too heavy and had a delicious ‘bite’ to them. The duck was seared with a slightly crispy edge and cooked just over medium-rare.

I must admit, the pickled cucumber didn’t quite come through, which was an element I was excited about. But that’s my own personal expectations, as a massive lovely of anything sour and fresh. The entire dish was perfect otherwise and I’m craving the duck again as I type.

On to the main course, where Charl and I opted for the chateaubriand. Both craving steak, this seemed like a more exciting way to do it.

As a 16oz cut, it works out as a standard 8oz serving each.

The rare-cooked thick tenderloin fillet allowed the knife to slide through just like butter.

I’ve never actually had a chateaubriand steak before, but I will certainly be ordering again. My only issue with it is that you kind of have to share.

Served with triple cooked fries, this was a luxurious version of the classic steak and chips.

After we polished off our starters and mains, we decided to go outside, as it had cooled down a bit by that point.

We’d already eyed up the desserts before the rest of the meal and I had my heart set on the Strawberry and Lime tart. Anything sweet with a zesty twist and I’m in.

Charl went for the roasted peach & raspberry knickerbocker glory.

There’s something about a knickerbocker glory that sends you right back to your childhood. No matter how refined they try and make it. And as soon as I saw this I had dessert envy.

Both were as expected, and a refreshing end to the meal. Especially when consumed in the cooler evening air.

Price wise, The Pointing Dog in Cheadle has starters being priced from £8+ and steaks starting at £17.95.

With that in mind, alongside the location, it would be perfect for a celebratory occasion.

The spacious interior with a range of nooks to accommodate parties is ideal for having a really good evening ‘do’. Whilst the more intimate areas of the restaurant are brilliant for more private occasions.

I was invited to The Pointing Dog for review purposes.