Food Blog: The Most Instagrammable Afternoon Tea in Manchester

When it comes to Instagram Hotspots Manchester has a plethora of them. 

Whether it’s a side street in the Northern Quarter or the retro interior of places like Fab Cafe. 

There seems to be beauty all around, no matter where you look. 

Not only does Manchester meet your top restaurant expectations, but also your visual social media ones too. 

Afternoon Tea at sunset by Australasia Manchester


Afternoon Tea in Manchester at Sunset by Australasia is next level ‘Instagram’ fodder, though.

✔ Millennial Pink

✔ Floral Walls

✔ Frozen Cocktails

✔ Afternoon Tea

Sunset in Manchester literally ticks every box. 

Even with my post-Leeds Festival come down and dead eyes, I still  *just about* managed to pull off an Instagram-worthy image.

And with their Afternoon Tea offering, it also makes them the perfect place to have a foodie treat with a twist.

Inspired by Japanese Cuisines and built perfectly for photographing, this Afternoon Tea in Manchester is like no other.

sunset by Australasia Manchester Afternoon Tea

Even the images look like you’ve added a beautiful pink filter on them.

I must admit, I’ve avoided these Afternoon Tea’s ‘with a twist’ ever since the awful one I parted with £50 for at The Baltic Social in Liverpool two Christmases ago. 

Listed as a ‘punk rock afternoon tea’, it did nothing but disappoint with shop bought mince pies and a bowl of chips. Ugh.

However, since then, more and more eateries are giving people what they want.

Which is an authentic ‘non-shop-bought’ afternoon tea, which actually DOES have a twist.

Afternoon Tea at sunset by Australasia Manchester

Just short of £25 each way per person (slightly more for an alcoholic drink, slightly less with a soft drink), you can enjoy both savory and sweet delights.

All presented beautifully. 

Your savory Bento Box includes classic sushi, rainbow salad, rice cubes, miso broth and more… It’s a feast for the tummy and the eyes. 

I mean, the presentation alone is just *so* Instagram, right?

The only issue I had with this, was that the Nigiri style sushi had a hidden hint of wasabi. 

Wasabi is the only thing I can’t eat, alongside mushrooms.

That’s just personal preference though.

Afternoon Tea at sunset by Australasia Manchester

This was soon forgotten after a sip of my Frozen Porn Star Martini.

After delighting in the first part of the Afternoon Tea, we were swiftly swerved the sweet course of the meal.

This included: Lemon scone, coconut friande, mini chocolate dome (with warm butterscotch sauce), ginger cheesecake, macarons and mini strawberry tart for each person.

Served once again, in a visually impressive way, I went straight for the macaron. 

Gooey, crispy and sweet.

Oh, this was a GOOD macaron.

afternoon tea in manchester

At this point, I had to double check the price, as it just seemed like a lot of food for the price.

But it was not wrong. Your £25ish tag covers both the sweet and savory courses.

Breaking that down and comparing with Manchester prices. You’d be looking at around £7 for the cocktail alone. Take off around 12 for a standard main course and then roughly £7.50 for desserts, you’re getting a variation of food to try for a pretty average meal price.

Oh, alongside the priceless likes you’ll be getting over on insta *wink*

What more can I say about the most Instagram Afternoon Tea in Manchester?

Not alot, so I’ll let the pictures finish off doing the talking…

afternoon tea manchester

sunset by australasia

sunset by australasia

sunset by australasia

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