Food Blog: Yu-Ma-Mi Restaurant Review Stoke on Trent

Trent Vale, Stoke on Trent.

Known to locals as ‘Trent Vegas’ – but don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

People who do know of Trent Vale, would have no doubt have been to a Chinese Restaurant called Bauhinia before.

Bauhinia was the place you’d go to if you fancied your Chinese meals posh with a pianist. Perfect for family celebrations.

A few years ago Bauhinia, unfortunately, closed down. Due to family illness, the building was left a shell of what it used to be… For a while.

yu ma mi  stoke on trent

That was until the former owners’ nephew saw an opportunity.

The opportunity to re-open Bauhinia as Yu-Ma-Mi.

An Asian restaurant with a twist.

Some of the ambiances of the former restaurant remain, and you will still find a pianist playing on weekend evenings.

A revamped menu introduces Stoke on Trent so ‘Dim Sum’. Which to my knowledge, we can’t actually get our mouths around.

Yes, we are a little behind the times here in Stoke.

But with businesses around here seeing the opportunity to give us things we’d usually have to travel to Manchester or Birmingham for, it simply means a brighter future for our taste buds.

yu ma mi  stoke on trent

What was the food like at the newly opened Yu-Ma-Mi though?

Absolutely delicious.

They actually do a brilliant range of Asian dishes, including Papaya Salad (my personal favourite) and DIm Sum, alongside the classics.

The Dim Sum was some of the best I’ve tried. Unlike ones I’ve experienced at other restaurants, the portion sizes were a lot bigger and the Dim Sum not as ‘soggy’.

staffordshire food blogger yu ma mi  stoke on trent

Don’t get me wrong, the ‘soggy’ Dim Sum I’ve had is still delicious.

But the Dim Sum at Yu-Ma-Mi had a lot more texture and flavour throughout.

This may be due to their sister restaurant in Birmingham being specialists in Dim Sum though, knowing their craft inside out to deliver the best version of this steamed treat.

For comparison, we also tried some classics, such as Lemon Chicken from the menu.

Crispy chicken with the delicious zing of lemon is a perfect partner for coconut rice.

stoke food blog

And how about the drinks?

The drink menu is brilliant.

With a range of delicious gins and fruity cocktails, you’re certain to find something to compliment your meal.

Alongside this, they also have the usual suspects on the beers, wines and spirits list.

To wash down your meal you can even have an ‘English Coffee’ – which is a coffee with GIN in it.

Needless to say, I was pretty happy by the end of the evening.

View the menu online here.

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