Guest Post: The Ultimate Birthday Party

There is nothing quite like an extravagant party to celebrate a landmark birthday. Bringing your friends together will always be fun but this is taken to the next level when you go all out and make a real effort to make this a party for the ages. So, what are a few ideas for an extravagant birthday party? Read on for a few ideas.


First, you need to consider the invitations as they will set the tone for the rest of the event. An email or text invite will not cut it if you want to impress so it is worth picking out luxury invitations from somewhere like Card Factory which will give people a sense of what to expect.


The venue is, perhaps, the most important decision. If you want this to be an unforgettable party then you should look into hiring out a glamorous venue which will be large enough to host a big party – this also needs to be somewhere that is easy to access and has parking and/or accommodation.

Food & Drink

Food and drink is an essential component of any great party and there should be plenty so that your guests can indulge and enjoy themselves. In terms of food, unless you are hosting a dinner party you should look into a luxury buffet so that guests can eat when they like and continue to socialise with one another – this is best left to a professional catering company. The bar should be stocked with beers, wines, spirits and a range of soft drinks. You could also make a big gesture with a toast and a glass of champagne at some point during the party.


If you really want to impress your guests at the event then you will want more than a playlist that you have made for entertainment. Hiring a band or DJ will always get the crowd going – just make sure that there is plenty of space for dancing!


The decoration will set the mood for the event so you need to give this careful consideration. Balloons and streamers are always good options but you could also look into more stylish options like fairy lights, flowers and personal touches like photographs.

There is nothing quite like an extravagant party to celebrate a landmark birthday or any other special occasion. These tips should help you to host a party for the ages and one which you and your guests will always look back fondly on.