Food Blog: My Top 5 Manchester Restaurant Reviews (so far)

It’s no secret that I love to eat.

I visit a different city most weekends to sample culinary delights to satisfy my craving for new things.

In this first round-up post of best eats (so far), I’m focussing on Manchester.

Manchester restaurant reviews feature highly in the food section of my blog. Mainly because it’s a great city, only 45mins ride on the train and a return ticket costs less than a taxi to Stoke on Trent city center.

Ibérica in Spinningfields

Ibérica in Spinningfields manchester restaurant reviews

“Let me tell you. The Beef tomato & salmorejo was a taste and texture sensation. A full beef tomato, stuffed with beetroot granita, berries and lavished in a tangy sauce. I’m a meat lover, don’t get me wrong, but its vegetarian dishes like this that make me think I can potentially be a veggie (for about an hour, anyway).”

As you can see on my blog post about Iberica, it was one of the most delightful tapas meals I’ve ever had. Delectable plates packed full of exciting flavours. It’s a meal I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Read the full post > here.

The Pen and Pencil in The Northern Quarter

the pen and pencil nq

“I’ve had good burgers before. I occasionally let the sliders I had at Almost Famous that one time in 2014 enters my mind. But then I remember the deliciousness was slightly offset by the saltiness and I soon forget about them.

It’s been 2 days since this one. I think about it at least once every 3 minutes at the moment. I can’t stop.

Filled with goo. Goo in the form of cheese. But not any cheese. Some sweet, sweet red Leicester cheese which had just the right texture to compliment the juicy meat that encased it.”

The Pen and Pencil was the setting of the burger I fell in love with in this >> blog post. Cheesy, oozy, yummy and still leaves me drooling every time I think about it. The fries and the drinks were just as good as the burger, to compliment this almighty treat for my taste buds.


19 Cafe Bar, Northern Quarter

brunch manchester

“Considering there are a plethora of places to choose from, the word must have got out that 19 Cafe Bar is the place for brunch. As it was pretty full when we got there and two separate parties of around 8-10 people arrived as we had finished.

Service was quick, the food was great, the prices were reasonable.
What more could you ask for?”

It’s not great surprise that the Northern Quarter features more than once in my Manchester restaurant reviews. It’s a hotbed of awesome food and even better drinks. I’ve been a few times for brunch, lunch and cocktails and 19 Cafe Bar is definitely one of those hidden treasures you could walk past a thousand times before noticing. But once you go in and have some of the food and drinks, you’ll be going back time and time again.

Especially for the White chocolate mocha. Read all about brunch in Manchester here.


The Honey Restaurant at Hotel Gotham

honey restaurant hotel gotham

“Hotel Gotham recently appointed a brand new head chef in their illustrious Honey Restaurant.

As soon as you walk into the ex-bank building Hotel Gotham is set within, you are transported away from Manchester and into your very own film-like experience.

Even with the concierge on the door, complete with whimsy moustache and the pink umbrellas, in case it rains. The attention to detail is pretty impressive.”

One of my more recent Manchester restaurant reviews, but one that takes its place with pride. Located on the 5th floor of the beautiful Hotel Gotham, I’m still lusting after the food and a stay in one of those beautiful batman themed rooms. R

ead the review here.

1761 Restaurant Manchester

“On the menu, you will find dishes inspired by the area. From cockles (and muscles, alive, alive oh!) to corned beef hash and Three Rivers Gin battered fish and chips, it is British eating at its finest.

Everything has a slight twist, such as the Manchester Tart for dessert. Expecting a dainty pastry and classic jam and custard in, I was actually served a delectable version topped with coconut and served with a zesty ice cream.”

I hailed this as THE BEST restaurant in Manchester when I blogged about it >> here <<

Is that still my opinion though? You’ll have to go and check it out for yourself now. Since opening the menu has changed a few times and the bar downstairs is fully open. Maybe I need to head back myself actually…

When it comes to Manchester Restuarant Reviews, who rates highly in your opinion?

There are honorable mentions for places such as Slice in the Northern Quarter and the like. But maybe there are more hidden treasures I’m yet to discover?