Travel Blog: A Changed Opinion on All-Inclusive Spanish Holidays

cala d'or

When my sister-in-law and I were planning our first All-Inclusive Spanish Holiday for my three-year-old niece, I had my apprehensions.

For one, I’ve never spent more than a day with a child. Would a 4-day break, break me?

I’ve also never been on an all-inclusive, Spanish beach holiday before.

My preconceptions of this kind of thing were not the best I must admit.

I expected grotty rooms, grotty swimming pools, grotty food. Everything in my head would be right grotty.

But you know what? I’ve been pleasantly surprised at my first All-Inclusive Spanish Holiday adventure…

first holiday for three year old

Misconception one: 

The food is going to be rubbish


The food was actually okay.

We’re not talking gourmet here. But we’re also not talking soggy burgers and chips every night either.

I don’t know why in my head I expected only British people to be at the hotel?! But obviously, there was a multitude of nationalities there. The buffet style meals catered for this, with a range of rice, noodles, hearty dishes, lighter salads et al.

The only let down for me was the breakfast really, as they did try and go for a full English style, but the delivery was poor quality sausages and really weird eggs. But hey, you can’t have it all.

Misconception two:

The pool would be really dirty


There were three pools at our hotel and all were SO clean. Not a used verruca plaster in sight! Thank the lord.

I’m not the best swimmer and actually panic if I feel I can’t reach the bottom, or if the pool is too crowded. As there were three different pools at the hotel we stayed at, I didn’t panic once.

Even the busiest family pool was clean all the time. I expected at least some kid to wee in it, or see a plastic cup floating by. But nope. Nothing.

And I have checked – no verrucas as a present to take home either.

Misconception three:

I’d have to wait really long to get a drink 


The only time I had to wait was during busy times in the restaurant area. But what can you expect when you see the wine on tap?

Even at the main bar by the pool, there were self-service drinks machines. Obviously being my first all-inclusive Spanish holiday I don’t know if this is a common thing, but I could really do with this at home.

Misconception four:

We’d be stuck in the resort with nothing else to do

I actually thought, as we were going all-inclusive, we’d end up just staying at the resort the entire time we were there.

But if you’ve been to Cala D’or you’ll know that there’s a load of cute little beaches and shopping places scattered around the area.

Thankfully, my new Dr Marten Sandals from Scorpio Shoes were on my feet for a majority of the time, which meant I could potter around without fear of blisters. I can’t tell you how comfortable they are! I’ve worn them a million times since, and with the chunky sole they’re actually pretty good for casual nights out too.

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all inclusive spanish holiday review

The ultimate question though:

Would I go on another All Inclusive Spanish Holiday?

Of course, I would!

In fact, we’re already talking about planning the next one…

I’ll actually snap more pictures next time too. It’s amazing how you neglect your camera when you’re just having fun for the entire time.