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In life, some people are dogs, and some are cats.

You know what I mean, right?

The dogs of the world want to be around people all the time. They’re happy to see everyone. They love company of others.

The cats?

They like being alone, they like their own space and to do things on their terms.

I am most definitely a cat.

And that’s why the past few weeks have really taken it out of me.

From working full time and going straight on my adventure to Ghent… I came back, went to work, went to the theatre, went to work again, went to a blog event, then went to work… again.

Now I’m sitting on my laptop. Yes, doing this blog post. Which is technically ‘some work’ – but the difference is that I’m on my own. In my own space. Actually snuggled up in bed.

(With my cats, of course).

I do feel like lately, the main event of my LIFE is going to bed.

My wonderful, comfortable bed.

A few months ago I was kindly gifted a mattress from Leesa.

After years of my sub-par memory foam mattress, that was about 3 inches thick (okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it was SO thin!) it was more of a mattress topper than a functional mattress alone.

In fact, I did give it to my grandparents AS a mattress topper for their bed.

The Leesa mattress?

Oh my goodness.

It’s a whole new world of sleep.

It’s bouncy, but not too soft.

Thick, but not too cumbersome.

Quality, but not overly expensive for a mattress that’s going to stand the test of time.

All our products have been thoughtfully designed
to go beyond creating a comfortable bed and to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary worth spending time in.

With my new house, I’m trying to do each room as much as I can (hey, budget homeowner life). The bedroom was close to completion with my new dark walls and accessories, with the final touch being my bed.

My grey bed frame has served me well. It’s sturdy and comfortable (note to everyone looking to buy a bed: always invest as I’ve actually spent more on a series of cheaper ones over the years than I would have if I’d had just got this one). But as I say, the mattress was letting me down.

The Leesa mattress came vacuum packed and rolled like a sausage, which at first kind of scares you….

I mean, how does it even FIT in that BOX?

That makes delivery a complete doddle though, with the box easily taken upstairs in to the bedroom. After ordering it also came within a matter of days…

Then it’s a case of snip, roll and go.

Within about 20 minutes my mattress was expanded and the bed ready to be made!

I love it.

Being made out of high quality foam, the mattress is perfect for adapting your body temperature. Meaning you can wrap up without feeling stuffy, and throw the sheets off without retaining too much heat.

With body contouring and pressure-relieving core support, I’m also finding less achey back days too…

Which is why I’m looking forward to turning my laptop off soon, diving in my bed and switching my brain off.

I do get in to this habit of being on ‘overdrive’ when I do get super tired though. Don’t you?

…Where you brain won’t stop thinking of all these things you need to do. Thinking about the days you’ve just had and generally not letting you sleep.

hello terri lowe

My process for getting in to the ZONE of relaxation is pretty simple though:

  • Bath – Without washing my hair because that’s too much effort right now
  • Herbal Tea – Of the ginger variety at the moment
  • Netflix – Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Have I tempted you into investing in a Leesa mattress?

leesa mattress

Well, just you click here as with my affiliate link you can actually get £100 off one! Use the code: HELLOTERRILOWE and if you run in to any issues pop me a tweet @helloterrilowe

*in collaboration with Leesa Mattresses.

Mattress was gifted no monetary incentive was offered for this post.

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  1. Fashion Potluck
    November 2, 2018 / 3:17 pm

    This looks so relaxing! Any Netflix series you would recommend to get in the chill mode?
    We have been so undecisive lately x