Beauty Blog: What is Singles’ Day?

Ah, we are coming up to the season when retailers go mad with their offers.

Black Friday, Singles Day, Christmas, New Year, Halloween – Every occasion has a bargain to be had doesn’t it?

what is singles day

Did you know that Hallmark made up Valentine’s Day simply as a marketing exercise to sell more cards?

And look at how we lapped it up.

Just like we all are going to for these upcoming deal days on the 11th of November.

Well, I know I am…

But let’s get back to the point. The new deal day on the block – Singles’ Day. Which has now made its way to the UK all the way from China. 

Not only is Singles’ Day a day in the Chinese calendar that celebrates being single – with all the 1’s (11/11) representing the flying solo vibe, it’s also a day which in stark contrast, a lot of singletons get married.

Originating in 1993, it hasn’t taken long for the new tradition to come overseas.

And why not? I mean, I have a group of mates who are all living their own Beyonce Single Ladies life right now.

It’s also one of the highest grossing retail days in the world.

China is BIG on their bargain buys and celebrations. That’s for sure.

Where Can You Get Singles’ Day Offers in the UK?

Loads of websites that are based in China and ship to the UK will be doing offers. Aliexpress is your best bet to be honest and it’s a site you can actually trust.

On Aliexpress you’ll find loads of departments to shop. From clothes, to electrics and the odd random bargain in-between. They go BIG.

saffee notino

To get beauty buys, my favourites at Notino are also going to be doing loads of Singles’ Day beauty offers. I’m holding out for my Bielenda skincare to go even cheaper, but it’s actually so cheap and good in the first place I’ll probably just stock up anyway despite any offers on.

They have loads of brand you’ll know and some you’ve yet to discover, so if you’re intrigued about any of the European beauty brands like Catrice, Dermacol and the like definitely keep a look out!

I’ve been sent some of their latest brand Saffee to try out. I’m hoping to get a review out in advance so if it’s good and it’s ok offer I’ll be sure to share over on my Instagram: @helloterrilowe

Will you be succumbing to Singles’ Day offers, or holding out for Black Friday, another import from the world of overseas deal days.

Post in collaboration with Notino