An Alternative to the Beauty Box Gift this Christmas

Post written in collaboration with Notino.
notino gift wrapping service

Whenever someone asks me what to get as a gift for their other half, I always recommend a beauty box.

There are some brilliant ones around, with my favourite actually being from Latest in Beauty – as you can see what’s in the box before you buy it!

But sometimes you want something even more bespoke.

A lovely box of beauty goodies, wrapped nicely and delivered straight to someone’s door.

Which is why Notino’s gift wrapping service for Christmas is PERFECT for this.

Lovely, quality boxes with your choice of what’s inside.

Perfect for any budget as well.

Notino do a wide range of beauty products for all budgets – so you can add as much or as little as you like!

If you are on a budget, then I highly recommend checking out the Bielenda ranges. They are always finding their way in to my basket every time I shop at Notino!

Another range I love is the Farmona range. With so many shower gels, haircare products and more at REALLY affordable prices, it’s like a super cheap version of The Body Shop.

And in case you’re worried about some of the packaging not being in English, Notino always back a receipt in the box that includes usage instructions.

This is incredibly handy for the Bielenda packaging, as most of them are written in Polish.

But this handy overview gives you a basic run-down of how to use everything within the box.

Obviously, if you are after something more luxurious, Notino do a range of high end brands too!

…I’ll take any of the YSL perfume, thank you. 

To add gift wrapping at Notino, simply add it to your cart when you check out. 

it costs £3.50 and you can choose from a variety of colours. Also, if you go over the size of one gift box in your order they will put the rest of the order in more matching gift boxes!

Especially handy if you’re not very good at wrapping either *wink wink*

Post written in collaboration with Notino.