Food Blog: Hickory’s Smokehouse in Gresty Green, Crewe

Opened days earlier than the intended opening date, Hickory’s Smokehouse welcomed diners into their meaty arms recently.

Located in Gresty Green, which is kind of in between Crewe and Nantwich, you will find Hickory’s just off the A500 near Shavington. 

If you’re not from in/around Cheshire don’t worry. A lot of places around here sound like they’re from Game of Thrones. 

Fanatical about flames; silly about smokers and utterly obsessed with the smells, tastes and traditions of the Deep South. We are a small but perfectly formed group of authentic barbecue style restaurants who live and breathe the values of southern USA hospitality…

hickorys smokehouse crewe

What makes Hickory’s Smokehouse in Crewe the perfect family restaurant?

Aside from the menu, of course…

Hickory’s Smokehouse is not like your regular run of the mill Whacky Warehouse. There’s not children’s play area with migraine inducing primary colours thrown everywhere. And there’s no plastic balls from the ball pit being thrown at your head.

Instead, they have an amazing mini-cinema. Where the whole family can enjoy a film whilst waiting for their meal. 

Not only that, but there is also an outdoor play area. With wooden climbing frame and ping pong table, it’s going to be amazing in the summer!

What’s the food like at Hickory’s Smokehouse?

Let’s put it this way…

If you’re a vegetarian, it’s probably not the one for you.

I must admit, when I was invited to their pre-launch event, I was drooling at the menu for days before.

Whilst we do have several smokehouse style restaurants near me in Cheshire, there are a few more unique dishes on the Hickory’s menu as a whole.

food at hickorys crewe

Deep fried pickles were a personal favourite from the starters menu.

I would usually expect the ‘frickles’ to be sliced. But nope. They were full gherkins, wrapped in a batter and deep fried to perfection.

Served with a ranch dip, this was a cool contrast to the tangy pickle itself.

They also serve up massive pretzels on their starters menu.

Basically a southern version of the classic garlic bread. Chewy pretzel twists, with cheese, garlic and salt on top. This was dreamy, but I do wish I’d ordered some kind of sauce for dipping, or another sloppier option to go with it.

Another highlight of the starters menu was the Creole King Prawn Ta-cone, which had some deliciously spicy Picante salsa with avocado & cilantro dressing. Although I am a little unsure about the cone itself that this came in? It was little too sweet for the insides for me personally.

Of course, there are less adventurous options on the starter menu. Southern fried chicken and ribs. But I’m sure would be equally as delicious.

food hickorys smokehouse

On to the main attraction…

After the started I was surprisingly full.

But that’s never going to stop me going in hard on the main course. 

We ended up choosing a sharing platter, as it was an opportunity to try out a few of the main attractions on the menu.

✔️Memphis Style Dry Rubbed Baby Back Ribs
✔️Slow Smoked Pork, Cheese & Jalapeno Sausage
✔️Barbecue Pulled Pork & Pit Beans
✔️8hr Smoked Beef Brisket
✔️Kansas Style Barbecue Glazed Spare Ribs
✔️Texas Style Beef Brisket

It was literally a meat feast.

You also get two sides of fries and a few condiments with it!

hickorys gresty green

We also chose a sweet potato mash topped with marshmallows.

We were not sure what to expect from this one. But turned out it was worth the gamble. I do love a sweet-avoury combo.

Smushed sweet potatoes with a topping of tiny mashmallows.

It was actually delicious. The mash had spring onions and seasoning throughout, which acted as a wonderful contrast to the sweet toasted marshmallows on top.

It was really good. But you do need something meaty to balance out the mushy-sweetness. 

We love to surprise our guests. A visit to Hickory’s Smokehouse will often involve something fun, eccentric or totally unexpected.

And for dessert?

By this stage, we were obviously incredibly full.

But there’s always room for dessert, right?

One thing I knew I had to have for the novely alone, was the toasted marshmallows.

hickorys crewe

Marshmallows with AN ACTUAL BOWL OF FIRE  to toast them on. All served with a pot of chocolate for dipping afterwards.

The only thing that would have actually made this better would have been some biscuit crumbs to add some texture to the gooey, sweet goodness. Yum.

They also have frozen custard on the menu, which makes a quirky change to ice cream or yoghurt. With a selection of toppings to put on yourself, the flavours of this were amazing. Especially if you do love a bit of custard, like I do.

marshmallows hickorys

How much is the food at Hickory’s Smokehouse?

Your starters will start at around £4, with the most expensive being £7.50 for dishes such as Jumbo Prawns and the Creole King Prawn Ta-cone.

Main dishes are also an average price, hitting around £10-£16 each, give or take. 

And of course, there are options such as the sharing platter. Which is £42 for two. And I must say – eat this strategically because you CAN and will take the leftovers home!

See the full menu online here.

this was a complimentary meal