Manchester Blog: Bring and Mix – A New Concept in Cocktails

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Do you find yourself with bottles of spirits just sitting around?

Maybe it’s after Christmas when you’ve got yet another bottle of JD.

Or perhaps after your birthday when you’ve been given some more gin.

The collections soon add up.

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I have a bit of a collection of gin going on at the moment, gifted from different people, acquired by different means, building up with some bottles remaining unopened.

There’s no reason for this, other than the fact I don’t drink it as regularly as I could do to use them all up.

I also made another bottle of Manchester Three Rivers gin at their press evening the other night.  

Apart from pouring gin on my cereal, I’ve been a little uninspired about what to do with it all…

Then I noticed Bring and Mix crop up over on Instagram…

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A new concept in cocktails – at Bring and Mix you take your own bottle of whatever spirit you like and they make your drinks for you.

When I first mention it to people, they scoff. 


…And at first, £20 per person for a two hour slot may sound a little odd.


Within that two hours you are having bespoke cocktails, with amazing flavours that you simply wouldn’t experience anywhere else.

bring and mix

From my [very hazy and drunk] memory, we had 8 cocktails each. Which in any other cocktail place would cost you around £7 – £10 per drink. Even taking in to account the price of a bottle of gin (let’s call it £20), you’re on to a winner.

For arguments sake, let’s say we had 16 cocktails between two at £7 each. This would set you back 112quid.

In total we paid £40 for two people, and if the gin wasn’t a press gift would could round this up to £60.

And let’s face it – I’ve never had such a delicious variety of cocktails anywhere else before either!

As soon as you’re supping one, they’re already whipping up the next one.

Burnt rosemary, aromatic bitters, zesty fruits and even a touch of golden spray. Each glass was different, not only in contents but also in appearance!

bring and mix cocktails manchester

Where is Bring and Mix Manchester though?

Bring and Mix in Manchester is actually just outside the city centre in Chorlton.

We took a tram, which took abut 25 minutes. A quick stroll down the main high street and we stumble upon this secret cocktail bar of speakeasy dreams.

Which isn’t a bar at all actually…

It’s a coffee shop called Junipers, that Bring and Mix take over in the evenings.

When you knock on the door you have to say the ‘pass phrase’ which is emailed to you the day before your booking.

They change this regularly though, so you can’t trick them in to letting you enter without booking I’m afraid.

And you also can’t get away with just shouting a word from the pass phrase at them…. Which I found out shortly after shouting PINEAPPLES at them thrice.

How do you book at Bring and Mix?

Simple! You just click here.

Choose the date on the calendar that you want to go, pay the price and your slot is booked!

It’s probably a good idea to book a table with a few of you as well, as you can each take a different type of alcohol to let them play with.

I would say that it’s best to stick to the plainer varieties of spirits, as it just makes them more versatile for the bar tenders to mix. 

…And if they make something you’re not keen on, just leave it! 

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It’s a good idea if you’re quite new to supping cocktails when you’re out as well, as it can be quite daunting in some bars the varieties they have on the menu.

There’s nothing worse than dropping a tenner on a drink that’s utterly repugnant during a night out. 

But at Bring and Mix Manchester you can play with flavours and ingredients to find your very own signature cocktail style. 

My booking and Bring and Mix was complimentary for review purposes.