Three Reasons You Have Death Breath

Over recent years I’ve become a little bit unintentionally obsessed with teeth.

Stemming from unaddressed gum disease by my NHS dentist, I’ve now gone private. And paying so much to keep my teeth healthy certainly means I go the extra mile to do everything I can to maintain them myself.

bad breath

Having white teeth doesn’t mean they’re any ‘healthier’ than discoloured teeth.

You can have the whitest teeth in the world, but if your gums aren’t healthy then you could run in to all kinds of toothy trauma.

If you do have gum disease and haven’t had a proper scale and polish, the problem could lie below your gum line (like mine did) and no amount of brushing or at-home solutions will work. You need a full scale and polish by a dental hygienist. 

And if you’ve not had a scale and polish within the last 5 years make a dentist appointment NOW.

Even if your mouth is all nice and healthy though, we can all still suffer from bad breath from time to time.

It could simpy be caused by a touch too much garlic, or way too many onions… But sometimes, the cause is a bit more than that.

So, what are three reasons you could be suffering from death breath?

One: Gum Disease

The symptoms of gum disease include: Gums that bleed during and after tooth brushing. Red, swollen, or tender gums. Persistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth.

I had gum disease for many years. And despite telling two different NHS dentists that I had it during this period, neither did anything to help it. 

One did a half hearted polish (without the scale). The other did nothing.


dental hygiene

And sometimes you don’t even realise yourself that your breath smells. Which can be fairly embarrassing when someone else points it out. Bastards.

Anyway, this is probably one of the biggest causes of bad breath, so go see your dentist immediately if you do have any symptoms.

Also, if you are struggling for an NHS dentist apppointment you can go and see most private dentists for a no-obligation evaluation.

My dentist, for example, actually charges LESS than an NHS dentist check up for this. £19 versus £22ish ‘Band A’ on the NHS.

Two: A Rubbish Routine

I will openly admit this: I never believed that flossing was an actual thing that would help my teeth.

Yeah I was that dumb.

Truth be told, I used my ignorance as an excuse for my laziness.

Now I use these handy little Teepee things to go around my gob after brushing.

You would not believe how much stuff still can come out. Even when you’re using a snazzy electric toothbrush. I even recently upgraded my toothbrush from a standard Oral B to a slightly better Oral B from Notino. And still the Teepee’s bring out some pesky crumbs!

teepee flossers

Follow up with a mouthwash to ensure a super clean mouth every morning and night.


Yep, mouthwash. 

did you know that another cause of bad breath is a dry mouth.

So not only is it important to drink enough liquids throughout the day and not sleep with your mouth open, but it’s also good to check your mouthwash isn’t packed full of alcohol.

As you know, alcohol can dry your mouth out more.

 Don’t get me wrong, my teeth still aren’t perfect…

But at least I know they’re HEALTHY. 

Which they never would have been if I hadn’t have gone to a private Dentist….