Advertorial: Stylish decoration ideas for windows.

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Some people underestimate just how much room for creativity and beauty there is in window decoration.

Whether you’re all about DIY or just want to combine different, readily made elements that would synergize and make your windows come to life, there are tons of stylish decoration ideas for your windows, many of which don’t even belong in the window treatment category per se.

MakeMyBlinds has made up a list of ideas that go beyond the most traditional choices and can add a lot of character to your home.

Window Shelves

Window shelves are as simplistic as they can be picturesque, creative, versatile, and pretty when done right. They are usually used for kitchen windows.

Window shelves can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and if you happen to be handy in the DIY department, they are the perfect opportunity to shine. Window shelves are usually glass, wood, or ceramic.

Naturally, the most popular and straightforward option is straight shelves. However, there are hanging wood shelves which aren’t too hard to pull off either, as long they are stable enough.

If you want to really take things up a notch, a prominent way to do so is by having shelves that are reminiscent of a checkers board or the exterior of an open dollhouse in their design. Then, you can fill up each mini “window” (the open space) that has formed within the shelf itself with whatever you decide. This creates a very artsy, whimsical vibe, but in a charming, unpretentious kind of way.

Furthermore, window shelves, especially wood and white, ceramic ones, can go great with different types of short, subtle curtains. And the creative freedom by far doesn’t end with the actual design. There’s a myriad of fun ways you can decorate window shelves.

One of the most popular choices for shelves decoration is plants. If you have a garden and/or like taking care of plants, then this option is absolutely perfect for you, making for a two-birds-one-stone type of scenario. Plants come in an almost endless variety, and so are the possibilities for decoration.

Something else you can do for window shelves decoration is studding them with some framed pictures, be it family ones, nature and/or travel ones, or any others you’d want to display.

Generally speaking, window shelves are just a perfect home for many different kinds of embellishments like vases or special objects you might have gathered from travels.

Another option for window shelves decoration you shouldn’t dismiss is glassware and tableware. It may sound too trivial, but if you have some pretty, interesting, artsy stuff you can show off, it can add a nice, unexpected nuance to your windows. A very simple, but stylish idea in that regard is to organize the glassware and tableware on your window shelves by color. This will give them a neat, yet colorful feel.

Another aspect of window shelves that shouldn’t be understated is the practicality, despite not being the focus. In fact, especially when it comes glassware and tableware, that practicality might also help the overall style of your kitchen, be it indirectly, as it will likely free some space up for other
decoration ideas.

Last but not least, it’s also worth mentioning that window shelves are one of the cheapest options for window decoration, and the best kind of cheap at that – tasteful.

Painted and Stained-Glass Windows

Again, great for DIY loves, but you can always get a professional to do it, of course.

Painting windows is another cheap option that can look very stylish. And clearly, the possibilities are limited only by your artistic vision. In that sense, this option may be the most versatile and practical.

If you have a knack for it, you can probably make better stained-glass windows than the ones in some churches. It’s a good idea to use glass overlays so you can add and remove them swiftly and easily.

Wind Chimes

For those with a whimsical bone, wind chimes are an absolute delight. It’s like having your own little birds, hovering around your window.

Wind chimes work both on the inside and the outside of a window. If you live somewhere with a mild climate, where your windows might be frequently open, inner window chimes can fill your life with music while also making your windows very pretty and artsy, even spiritual.


Some people think window lights are reserved for Christmas, but that type of thinking just deprives you of a special type of window decoration.

There are different, “neutral” light installations that can make your windows look like doorways to a magical wonderland all year round. For example, LED strip lights around the window are absolutely gorgeous, and often surprisingly unassuming at the same time as their glow can be very subtle and easy on the eye.

If you can spare the extra money for electricity, that option is certainly food for thought.

Roller Blinds

Regardless of the constant innovations and fleeting trends that dominate the interior design field, roller blinds aren’t going anywhere as they have all the signature makings of a timeless classic – stylish simplicity, practicality, and boundless versatility.

Whoever you are and whatever style of interior design, and window decoration in particular, you might be into, roller blinds will surely be able to satisfy your needs in more than one way.

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