Jewellery Trends 2019

As this year is on the way to rapidly wrapping itself up, now is a great time to look back on 2019 and its best jewellery trends. From faux shells to gold chains, there were so many pieces that we fell in love in with. Maybe you’re already heard of these, or perhaps you’re just hearing about them now – either way there is still time for you to be inspired and invest in a few iconic items of jewellery.

Under the Sea

One of the most noteworthy trends from this year is under the sea. From faux-shells to pearls, you may have noticed the two of them popping up more and more. According to Elle this trend began to make an appearance last summer, it  survived the winter and now you’ll see shells in chic cities and not just seaside towns. Don’t just think puka shell necklaces. It’s easy to incorporate shells in your day to day look – from a beaded bracelet to a cute pair of earrings. Thinking about trying to try out the once traditional pearl? They’re easier to pull off than you think. They’re a neutral piece and easy to coordinate with anything or everything in your wardrobe.

Gold Chains

Another trend that has swept the High Street is chunky gold chains. Shannon Schafer,Nordstrom senior fashion director, told Marie Claire, “Bold gold is a must have for 2019. Chains and links give a nod to the ’80s for a retro statement. Oversized links in necklaces and bracelets are the perfect statement accessories to complete an outfit.” A gold necklace can easily help you dress up an outfit, too. If you’re wondering where you can get some bold gold for yourself then look no further than right here.

Multi Colour

According to Glamour, multi-coloured jewellery has been a big winner this year. Similar to that of faux shells, what once may have been considered tackey is seeing a new – much more stylish – lease of life. How you choose to wear this trend is up to you, from a bold bracelet to a rainbow ring – there are plenty of options for you. Multi-coloured jewellery is such an easy for you to add a pop of colour into your outfit. Something you can definitely make use of in winter, too.

What were some of the favourite pieces you discovered this year?  What do you think is going to become popular in 2020?