Lifestyle Blog: Attempting to get that Blogging Mojo Back

After around 7 years of running my blog, I’m finally finding it a bit of a chore.

Gone are the days of creating content for the sake of content. Gone is that competitive streak of getting a higher Domain Authority, or getting noticed by brands.

Actually, for a few years I’ve only blogged when I’ve wanted to write something.

But nowadays I’m getting home from work, putting the TV on and losing my blogging mojo.

Maybe it’s the darker nights too. I mean, I’ve been the gym a total of 6 times since the clocks went back.

The time of year simply seems to make me unproductive in several areas of my life it seems. As soon as dusk hits, that’s it! I’m done for the day.

Now we’re seeing lighter nights creeping in ever so slowly, I’ve figured it’s time to try and reignite my passion for writing things down on the internet. And so comes this post today…

Three Ways I’m Getting my Blogging Mojo Back.

Number one: I’m keeping off Twitter.

I don’t know about other bloggers reading this but Twitter seems to be the main platform that sucks all the god damn fun out of blogging.





I honestly don’t have the time or energy to read all the negativity on Twitter any more. Before I used to love poking the hornets nest and winding people up. But I can’t even be bothered to do that any more. Wow.

Staying away from Twitter allows you to type what you want without the constant feeling that someone is going to be sub-tweeting about you.

Number two: Setting up a cleaner workspace

A tidy desk is a tidy mind and all that and Furniture At Work have a range of office desks to suit your style, whether you’re a neat freak or prefer organised mess.

I am one of those messy people who can’t find things unless they’re strewn in a random place.

Take my passport for example. It’s been on my living room floor a good 8 months. Then everyone kept telling me to move it and put it in a safe place – then I did and couldn’t find it.

Anyway, after finally going back to a desktop machine over a laptop and setting up a cosy space to write at I’m hoping my mojo will be reinstated.

I used to blog on my lunch break, but furniture at work and typing in an actual office environment can make blogging seem more like a chore than a hobby.

At home I prefer to pop a lamp on, whack spotify up and have a cat firmly on my lap.

Number three: Only blog when I want to…

I’ve always stood by the excuse that you cannot force creativity.

And this was definitely my standard excuse at my first few creative jobs.

However, the blag became reality and unless I have something to say I find it a million times harder to say it.

Drawing back to the first part of this post, I only write when I want to write something. So basically I need to do more things to write about!

With summer just around the corner and new boyfriend to adventure with, I’m sure this will come naturally.

The reason I tend to get food reviews live so quickly is because I absolutely love food and find them a doddle to write about almost straight away, whilst my tastebuds are tingling.

This goes for everything I enjoy really though. So I need to make a conscious effort to set aside times after I’ve experienced something to actually write about it.

I have started using a dictaphone app on my phone to ‘write’ posts on Google Drive. It worked really well until I realised I needed pictures and again, the dark nights ruined that!

Here’s to summer months and getting my blogging mojo back, huh?

This is a collaborative post