The Perfect Nights Sleep

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When it comes to getting a good nights sleep, I must admit, sometimes I do struggle.

Since having my new house where I can make sure my bedroom has as little clutter in as possible, it has been a bit better.

Especially now my drawers aren’t by my bed and the cats aren’t using it as a launcher to jump on to my head in the middle of the night….

Switching Up Your Sleep Routine

Use Aromatic Products Before Bed

With lavender and neroli oil more popular than ever in skincare, using products which contain scents such as this before bed time can really relax you and help to calm life down a bit before you hit the hay.

Lavender is particularly relaxing when used as part of your bedtime routine and there are a load of products on the market right now that are harnessing its power.

Look no further than the hype of the Lush Sleepy body lotionas an example.

Invest in Black Out Blinds

Do you ever notice how you sleep so much better in the winter, and it’s so much harder to get out of bed on darker mornings?

In the summer you’re up and atom so much earlier, because the lighter mornings make you feel more awake. To make sure you manage to get a really nice and relaxing evening in bed, you could invest in some blackout blinds or thick curtains from somewhere such as Julian Charles.

Honestly, this simple change could change your sleepy life!

Stop Getting in to the Social Media Never Ending Circle

I’m sure I’m not alone when my standard bedtime routine is to brush my teeth, moisturise, get in bed, check Facebook, then Twitter, then Pinterest, then Instagram and then back to Facebook again in case you missed anything…

The tip of putting your phone to one side as soon as you get in to your bedroom kind of goes without saying!

Get in to a Routine

Above all, the best way to get a good nights sleep is by getting yourself into a routine.

I’ve never been one for napping, but on the rare occasions I do, it really does throw me off and I can’t get to sleep for a few nights following one.

Try to wind down at the same times and get your skincare, haircare and everything else sorted.

Maybe throw a relaxing bath in on a Sunday as part of a weekly routine too. It all contributes to preparing your mind in to resting and getting the best night sleep you can.

How do you relax before bedtime and get a good sleep?

Collaborative Post