Beauty Blog: Hair Care

It’s not the first time I have mentioned hair on my blog.

From my experience with hair extensions through to my more recent bob cut and vibrant colour, I have certainly put my hair through the test.

Of course through any dramatic change in your hair you are going to notice a difference in condition.

I have not been bleaching my hair for a while apart from on my most recent visit to Bad Apple Hair in Stafford, where I was assured that I would see no further damage as long as I use the right products.

During this visit they also did an amazing Protein Treatment but made my hair actually feel like hair again.

But a Protein Treatment on the day is not going to last a lifetime so now I need to invest in products to ensure that my hair is continually in good condition.

Recently I also realised that shampoo actually does make a difference to your hair condition – after years of convincing myself it was only the conditioner that made any difference.

After changing from cheap shampoos and now using the macadamia oil one, I have noticed a distinct difference in the moisture levels within my hair and it is nowhere near as dry as it was before.

Alongside this I have also been using the Olaplex conditioner. I have used the Olaplex treatment many times before, and do find that it makes the difference in the long run, however the conditioner actually makes a visible difference after the first use.

Making my hair feels thicker and more conditioned from the first use, I don’t think that I will be going back to the bog standard conditioners I have been using up until now. I have also been adding an extra boost of moisture with some Tigi treatments that I also bought from the hairdressers during that recent visit.

To keep my hair in top condition after shampoo and conditioning I have also started to use a heat defence on some treatment oil specifically designed for coloured hair.

I read that heat treatments that do a dual purpose don’t work as effectively as a bog-standard heat defence spray would.

And after using this osmo one for a while I can believe that. My hair doesn’t seem to experience that horrible sizzle effect that I have been getting in the past with  products that claim to do two things such as heat defence and shine/hold etc.

As well as the above I have also stopped using hairspray as much as I have been. I have found that my hair becomes really brittle and weak when I use hairspray, and somehow just breaks off.

So any tips for holding my hair style when I have you teach products would be more than welcome.

You can buy Macadamia Oil and Olaplex products from Notino who this post is in collaboration with.

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