Food Blog: A KeBAB Worth Sitting Down For in Manchester

BAB Manchester

Kebabs have always had that reputation of being a bit… dirty, haven’t they?

The ‘end of the night’ stodge that you only tend to nosh on before you get home after an evening out.

Personally, I’ve never gone for a kebab after a night out. I’ve always found them secretly too delicious, and would much prefer to have them when I’m sober enough to remember it anyway.

You also get all these rumours that they’re full of everything but meat.

But remember that Horse Meat Scandal? They did a shed load of tests and surprisingly, Kebabs didn’t contain horse meat. But, saying that, this article shows they did contain a bit of a weird mix of things.

Let’s stop focussing on the traditional kebab now anyway…

Let’s talk about BAB in Manchester.

inside BAB Manchester

With the tagline ‘Kebabs Worth Sitting Down For’, BAB brings a touch of gourmet to this late night Middle Eastern dish.

Located on Little Lever Street in the Northern Quarter, it’d be easy to miss this door to kebaby heaven – which will certainly contribute to making it one of those future ‘hidden treasures’ of the Manchester food scene.

What’s on the Menu at BAB Manchester?

Kebabs, of course.

Alongside a few other delicious things…

Each kebab is served on a homemade flatbread, with your choice of filling from the menu. Prices range from £8 to £9.50.

I chose the lamb, which came highly recommended by our server.

Juicy cuts of lamb kebab served with feta labneh, radicchio and pomegranate.

Alongside this, we also tried the Pork Souvlaki option, that came with pickled onions, tzatziki and pork scratchings for extra texture.

BAB Manchester

BAB Manchester also do a great range of smaller dishes and sides.

Ever since I had the greek fries during my visit, I have been craving them non-stop.

Crispy paprika seasoned fries drizzled in tzatziki, crumbled feta, crushed olives and chilli sauce. All for £4? I think I’ll just go back and order 5 bowls of these bad boys.

The meze menu also has a few other tasty delights on, such as the octopus.

Ordered out of intrigue, I thought they would just be crispy little fried fellas. But they were kind of juicy and all kinds of delicious.

octopus at bab manchester

So, if kebabs in their fanciest form don’t interest you, I would highly recommend heading to BAB in Northern Quarter to give some of the mezze dishes and those god damn fries a whirl.

And after you’ve finished your food, there’s also the basement bar Honey Trap Club to have a swift drink in afterwards.