Food Blog: A Meaty Date Night at Harvester

I’ve not been Harvester for a few years now.

Which is probably why I forgot about their tremendous salad bar.

As well as the meaty goodness they serve on the menu.

For Valentines Day I was invited by Harvester to give their new menu a whirl, and with an offer like that how could I refuse?

Harvester at Trentham Gardens

The Poachers Cottage is my nearest Harvester, located by the lovely Trentham Gardens.

Any Stokies reading know where I’m on about, but for those who don’t, Trentham Gardens is a great location to visit during the summer months. Dog friendly, cute shops and a picturesque Italian Gardens. With a few good restaurants like Totally Delicious.

Just outside on Stone Road, there is the Poachers Cottage, which is also home to Harvester.

Food at Harvester

The key selling point of any Harvester experience is the aforementioned salad bar.

With any main course you have access to it and one of my pleasures in life is that potato salad, hot sauce and bacon bit combo.

I could happily just go and eat that alone to be honest.

But when there’s a meaty menu to enjoy, you kind of have to explore more.

Obviously a steak was on the cards. You can’t get much more romantic than a steak can you?

I mean, the pork belly had it’s charm. But steak.

Cooked rare, of course.

Let’s talk about the pork belly a bit more though….

Oak-smoked pork belly, slow cooked for 4 hours, glazed in our bourbon sauce, with a potato, onion & spinach hash, Smoked Applewood mac ‘n’ cheese and a pineapple, mango & black bean salsa

I must admit, it was the mac and cheese calling me.

The pork belly itself was fine. The flavours and the salsa were particularly excellent. However, the meat itself was a little too fatty for my preferences and there wasn’t anywhere near enough crisp on the skin.

I feel like this dish would work much better if it were chicken or just your regular gammon.

And then back to the steak…

Well, you can’t go wrong with a rare steak. The ones at Harvester are always juicy and served with triple cooked chips makes for the perfect combination.

What are the prices like at Harvester?

As we went on a Saturday, we didn’t get the opportunity to save a few pennies on the new evening set menu, that sets you back only £12.99 for two courses (!) and that SALAD… But with the total bill coming to around £45 between two, with sides and drinks included, it wasn’t a bad price for a Saturday night date.

You can also add a bottle of wine or prosecco for £10 to that above deal, what a whopping woosh.


I was invited for review purposes.

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