How to find the perfect blinds for your bedroom

The window in your bedroom is one of the most important aspects. Helping to add style, but also there to ensure you can get enough sleep at night, while being able to wake up easily in the day, finding that perfect balance can be hard.

Below, you’ll find a range of blinds for your bedroom to help you out regardless of your needs.


The first thing you need to think about before choosing new blinds for your home is the style of them. Are you looking for something simple that you just pull down at night, or is your room very simple and you want a patterned design to add that fabulous, finishing touch? Or, do you want to make a statement with built-in Venetian blinds? Once this decision is made, you’ll know what type of blinds you’ll be looking at.

Day & night

Now, some people like to get the best of both worlds with their blinds, which is where these day and night blinds come in. Available from places like Swift Direct Blinds, these combine translucent and opaque horizontal stripes that can be altered depending on the time of day. If you want a little privacy in the evening, then they can be changed to shut the world out, but, if you want more light in the day time, just twist them again to let the day in.

Blackout blinds

Here in the UK, our night shift workforce keeps growing and growing. In 2017 alone it stood at around 3.2million people, an increase of more than 250,000 in five years. If you’re a night time worker, you’ll know that it can be tricky getting to sleep during the day time.

But, when it comes to finding those perfect blinds, blackout blinds could be just what you need. Fitting perfectly to your window, these roller blinds will cover the window, blocking out the world, giving the illusion of darkness to help you get that all-important sleep before your next shift.

The early birds

There are those of us in this world that simply can’t get up in the morning. In this case, a blackout blind simply won’t do. But, you’ll want to prevent street lamps and any other unnatural light getting in during the night time. In this case, there are plenty of thinner blinds out there that’ll help to shut out the world at night, but let the sun in during the morning. Venetian blinds can also help with this as you could put them at a certain angle to ensure you get light in the day but not so much in the night.

So, if you’re decorating and worrying about the light in your room, these blind options should have everyone covered.