Lifestyle Blog: Working From Home Tips and Tricks

I’ve had a few jobs where the ‘luxury’ of working from home has been a feature.

When I say luxury, I mean it comes with its pros and cons.

Pro: Can stay in your pyjamas all day and relax.

Con: You have an overwhelming, ongoing doubt in your mind that people back at work think you’re not doing anything productive.

The con does come with the pro for the employer that you’re going to be OVERLY productive to prove everyone wrong. And probably do more work than you would do sitting in the office all day.

At least I do anyway.

A lot of employers are cutting back on working at home recently in light of new GDPR regulations:

“GDPR, general data protection regulation, is a law and regulation in the EU for individuals on data protection and privacy and it seems this has had an effect on business practices, recently online security labelling company, discovered that over 50% of office-based staff who could do their job role working from home were unable to as their employers would not permit it, due to security reasons.”

If you do have the benefit of still working at home though, what can you do to make your day more productive?

Get out of bed early!

I find the best way to keep the momentum going when working from home is getting up the same time as you would usually. Do you morning routine and set up a nice spot to park for the day.

Put on some background noise

By this I mean something you don’t have to concentrate on.

Don’t try and dive into a new box set or feature film. Put something on you are familiar with, or something that doesn’t engage your brain. Jeremy Kyle is my non-engaging-with-brain choice.

Check in with the team

If you’re working at home for more than a day, you might actually forget what human interaction feels like.

Endless emails are inevitable. But pick up the phone to ensure that you have a conversation and feel less lonely on those Jeremy Kyle fuelled home-working day.

“Employees are much happier in their jobs when they can manage a good work-life balance, and working from home allows this with flexibility and productivity can be increased. It doesn’t mean your staff will be strangers though, many companies have mandatory office days, training and group activities which still means your staff although working remotely still feel part of a team. If you’re looking to diversify your workforce, create a more productive team then working from home is certainly not something you should dismiss.”

What are your tips for a productive day working at home?