Beauty Blog: Is Paraffin Good for your Skin?

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I’ve suffered from dry hands and contact dermatitis on them for a while now.

It comes and goes, flaring when I use certain hand washes or in more erratic weather conditions.

One thing I have found really important to stay on top of is using hand creams. I am awful at maintaining the moisture in my skin when flare ups disappear and when the skin is dry anyway it just makes it ten times as bad!

I was recently reading about paraffin treatments and how they can benefit extremely dry skin. You usually have this done at a salon and they also do pedicures using the technique too.

In salons they will generally layer paraffin wax on your skin using a dipping technique. The wax is usually infused with essential oils and your hands or feet are dipped several times to build up layers. Once applied they put a plastic wrap around and let the warmth and paraffin work its magic.

It reminds me of when you were a kid messing about with candles and dipping your finger tips in the warm wax.

Once cool the wax is removed and underneath you will having super soft moisturised skin.

paraffin handcream

Because I’ve never been a salon for any kind of treatment like this in my life, I was still intrigued so picked up some paraffin based handcream from Notino.

The idea is the same really. The paraffin in the cream acts as an emollient which moisturises, but also adds a barrier layer to the skin to protect it.

I found this hand cream to be really absorbent considering the idea behind the paraffin in it and over time I have seen an improvement in my skin condition. It’s really cheap as well, coming in at under £4.

Paraffin based products wouldn’t be good for use on your face though. As a derivative of petroleum (like vaseline is) it can clog your pores no end. So steer clear of it in facial products.

Buy the handcream online at Notino here:

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